It’s Emmy WAR over Best Comedy Series: ‘Modern Family’ vs. ‘Veep’ vs. ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Stand back! There’s a nasty brawl among Gold Derby predictors over Best Comedy Series.

Our Editors and Top 24 Users agree: “Modern Family” is out front and “Veep” is in second place. See the charts: Editors + Top 24.

However, our Experts say “Orange is the New Black” is ahead and “Veep” is in second place. See the charts.

But wait! Most Gold Derby Users predict “Orange Is the New Black” will win, so that swings our composite, official odds in favor of “Orange.” Click here to see the comparative, composite charts. 

Great cases can be made for all three.

The Case for “Modern Family“:
It’s never lost this race, so why should we bet against it now? If it wins again, it will tie the record set by “Frasier” for most victories as best series (comedy or drama — five). And, just like “Frasier,” it will have snagged the prizes consecutively. Also, just like “Frasier,” “Modern Family” is an elitist show and that’s good because voters are notorious snobs. Example: “Roseanne” was never even nominated for Best Comedy Series in its nine years on the air even though it won the Golden Globe and Peabody Award and was number-on in the Nielsens for several years. This year “Modern Family” squares off against two strong contenders instead of one, which is usually the case. That means it needs fewer votes to win again.

The Case for “Veep“:
Talk about an elitist TV program! It’s about the White House. It’s “The West Wing” (four-time winner of Best Drama Series) with laughs. Doesn’t matter that it’s lost twice in the past. Many TV shows, including JLD’s own “Seinfeld,” didn’t win till its fourth year. This year “Veep” has something it didn’t have the last two times it was at Emmy bat: that crucial nomination for Best Writing. To win, you usually need a corresponding bid for either writing or directing. 

The Case for “Orange is the New Black“:
Ever since the Emmys ditched the judging panels in hotel rooms and switched to at-home (and unsurpervised) voting in 2000, a clear trend has been obvious: the coolest, hippest shows tend to prevail. If voters don’t have to check off their ballots immediately after viewing sample episodes, they have time to be affected by outside buzz and hype. No TV show has a higher Cool Factor among elitists right now than “Orange.” Oh, yeah, and the show is pretty sexy, too, plus Netflix is the New TV, in case you hadn’t heard.

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