Editors almost unanimous that Julianne Moore will win Best Actress Oscar

Ever since Sony Pictures Classics acquired “Still Alice” at the Toronto Film Festival and pulled Julianne Moore back into the Best Actress Oscar race, she has been rapidly climbing in our racetrack odds, and nowhere faster than in our editors’ predictions. Not only do we favor her to win, we’re nearly unanimous.

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As of this writing, six out of seven of us – myself included – rank her first in the race for her role as an early Alzheimer’s sufferer. The performance won her great reviews in Toronto, and she’s got a big Oscar IOU, having lost four previous races. She hasn’t been nominated at all since 2002, when she became one of only 11 actors in history to receive two bids in one year: she was nodded in the lead race in “Far From Heaven” and in supporting for “The Hours.”

But Moore lost both awards that night, making her one of only four double nominees to be shut out.

One editor – Matt Noble – currently predicts Amy Adams as the frontrunner for her role as painter Margaret Keane in Tim Burton‘s “Big Eyes.” But she ranks third in our editors’ predictions overall with 9/2 odds. Reese Witherspoon holds the runner-up spot as an adventuring traveler in “Wild” with 7/2 odds.

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Take a look at the graph below to see how dramatically Moore has risen in our editors’ predictions and how sharply Adams has fallen, while Witherspoon has held steady (click the graph to see more stats):

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