How to win your office Oscar pool

The categories that separate out the true Oscarologists are the three for short films: Animated, Dcumentary and Live Action. At Gold Derby, we make predictions in these as well as the other 21 races based on a combination of the four sets of forecasts at Gold Derby: 30 Experts8 Editors, Top 24 Users (those who scored highest predicting last year’s winners) and All Users.

So, take a read of the following (and see what will win the other categories here) before making your final Oscar predictions.

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This one is a slam dunk for Disney’s “Get a Horse.” This toon combines 3-D technology with a retro look a Mickey and Minnie in their early days at the studio and even includes the voice of Walt Disney. Shockingly, the mouse that built the house never won an Oscar, despite eight previous bids in this race. Look for that to change this year.

Another easy one for you to predict. The full title for this sure-fire winner is “The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life” and tells the moving story of Holocaust survivor Alice Herz Sommer, who died this week at age 110. Director Malcolm Clarke should finally be picking up a bookend to the Oscar he won in 1988 for “You Don’t Have to Die.” 

Uh, oh — this last category is a little more difficult to predict. As you can see, there is only one film — “Do I Have to Take Care of Everything,” a Finnish film about wedding day mishaps — that seems out of the running. Of the other four, “The Voorman Problem” – a dark British comedy starring Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit,” “Sherlock”) as psychiatrist who has the tables turned by a prisoner patient — has the edge with our Experts, Top 24 and All Users. However, our Editors are favoring “Helium,” an inspirational Danish drama about a hospital janitor who befriends a dying boy. 

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Also in the mix are “Just Before Losing Everything,” a domestic drama about a woman trying to leave her abusive husband with the help of her co-workers, and “Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me),” an Amnesty International co-production about an African child soldier who takes three foreigners hostage.

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