Oscars Quiz: What movie won Clark Gable his only Best Actor award?

Clark Gable really was the King of Hollywood in the 1930s, starring in three Best Picture winners: “It Happened One Night” (1934), “Mutiny on the Bounty” (1935) and “Gone With the Wind” (1939). 

But which of these films won him his only Best Actor Oscar? 

Think you know the answer? Then take our quiz below. The rest of the questions aren’t as easy as this one unless you are a real Oscar buff. 

When you are finished, take more quizzes here and see if you can reign as our ultimate kudos quiz champ.

One of our posters — jscanc24 — has a perfect track record, getting all 127 questions correct. And two posters — James Sanchez and aminamin — have missed just one apiece. Check out the full list of our leading achievers. Where do you rank on our leaderboard?


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