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Amy Adams and ‘Big Eye’s might be a ‘bust’

ibbster: More bad news for Amy from Jeff Sneider. Word on the street is Big Eyes is a bust and Amy Adams will be hard-pressed to land that Oscar nomination everyone assumes she will get.

A Frustrated Everything: I refuse to accept this. They like Adams too much not to nominate her in this so-so year for Best Actress.

Etchie: IF Amy Adams in Big Eyes knows that she’s not competitive even for a nomination, why not throw support and endorse instead her BFF Emily Blunt‘s 1st Oscar nomination bid for Into the Woods?  Adams likewise played the same Baker’s Wife role Summer 2012 @ Central Park NY.  That’s what friends are for

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Steve Carell’s Oscar chances for ‘Foxcatcher

TomHardys: I have watched some of you doubting Foxcatcher‘s chances at some categories and didn’t say a single word about it because 1) everybody is entitled to their own opinions and 2) I don’t wanna be one of those rabid stans that blindly advocate for something they stan for without considering the pros and cons. However, this whole Steve Carell lukewarm reactions is a complete nonsense. I haven’t read a single negative review of his performance, they usually vary from the so called “lukewarm” to outstanding and career defining.

Macbeth: I agree. I honestly believe at this point, Steve Carell is second or third after Michael Keaton. I may not be the biggest Carell fan (I like him, I just have never warmed up to him much), but if he gives the transformative performance every review I’ve read says, I have no problem with him being nominated. I do think Keaton is winning this, and I hope he does, because the dude has been working so hard for decades now.

Vincelette: People weren’t as cool about his performance as some of us expected. The reviews were all worthy, but Channing Tatum got the bigger praise. “Career defining” in Carell’s case is such an easy thing to say. It’s his first ever worthy bigger role (I’m not counting his performance in “Little Miss Sunshine” as unlike many, I disliked him in the movie). I’m not predicting him for one single reason: the competition is dead strong. Every other category is weak as hell, but this category is a nightmare.

Early 2015 Emmy comedy predictions

tylerbeals1: I know that most of the acclaim coming out for Transparent is for Jeffrey Tambor (rightfully deserved, I would love to see him win for this role), but do you think it could gain any traction in other categories?  I would be ecstatic if it could pull off a Comedy Series and a Writing nom.  The other stand out actors for me were Gaby Hoffman in Supporting and Melora Hardin in Guest, but with supporting actress being stacked already I really don’t see Gaby getting in there.  I could also see previous nominee Judith Light making it into Guest if that’s where she’s submitted, but I have no idea.

thesmartone: I think comedy will see a huge change this year, as well. But I’ll go into more detail when I have more time. As for Modern Family, I think it’s time is up. I predict nominations for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen, and series. And that’s it. Ferguson’s time has passed, and it’s obvious Stonestreet isn’t getting back in. The same goes for O’Neill. Sofia Vergara is also out, and I can’t say I will miss her.

MadsonMelo: The Comeback is airing this year. I believe that if there’s someone that can stop JLD, it’s Lisa freakin’ Kudrow.

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Who will open the 2015 Grammy Awards?

st_jimmy: Adele. Though maybe her type of performances isn’t something the Grammys would open with? But I want to think something is up for a big comeback for her since her album won’t be coming out until 2015. Her debuting a single and then dropping the album in a couple days would be HUGE! It’s a big enough event to hype ahead of time an Adele opening would bring in a bigger audience.

KyleBailey: It would be amazing if all the legends that released new stuff this year all did something: Cher and Elton John (had albums out in the last quarter of last year), Barbra Streisand (#1 album), Bette Midler (upcoming album), Annie Lennox (upcoming album), Aretha Franklin (new album), Prince (new album), Stevie Nicks (upcoming album), Neil Diamond (new album), Tony Bennett (#1 album), it’s just a HUGE year for returning legends and I know I missing a couple. I think it would be a shame if they aren’t worked in some way.

Troy: I would kinda love to see Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga open the Grammy’s.

Golden Globe TV predictions

mikeboy898: I see “The Affair” doing pretty well at the Globes this year. If not a series nod, then a nomination for Ruth Wilson at the very least. I know we probably need to see more episodes, but if the show lives up the brilliance of the pilot, I won’t discount its chances.

Josh Labron: I don’t understand why many people have Game of Thrones so high in their predictions, when it hasn’t been nominated for the past two years.

GraemeONeil: If the buzz keeps going, I could see the Globes going for the shock factor and going with “The Good Wife“. They would be judging the Will death episodes too.

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