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2014 Oscar race for Best Actress

England: I’m gonna cause another argument… Hilary Swank for 3rd Oscar! I personally thought her 2 wins were deserved. Of course she had no competition with Boys Don’t Cry. I’d still choose her for Million Dollar Baby. I do think her only competition that year was Imelda Staunton. Kate Winslet‘s performance was a bit overrated in my personal opinion.

Vincelette: I don’t see her winning for a role like this. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie and I liked Swank in it, who’s even Oscar-worthy, but the Academy won’t reward her with a 3rd Oscar. If Meryl Streep waited 29 years for it. Swank needs to wait an eternity.

jbboy11: I saw “Still Alice” last night at the SAG screening and I can tell you, the race is over. Julianne Moore is simply astounding in this beautiful, important and heartbreaking film. She gives one of the most moving, real and transcendent performances I’ve seen in years. The film is quite good as well. Alec Baldwin is great and I even have to say Kristen Stewart does really good work here too. I doubt either of them will get a nod, but the screenplay has a wonderful shot.

Etchie: Getting confident on Emily Blunt‘s prospects securing a Best Actress nomination for Into the Woods due to the following: Blunt is CAMPAIGNING HARD. Blunt will get the critical #1 votes for nomination from the SIZEABLE Into The Woods Internal & External Supporters. Blunt will ride the coattails of Into The Woods & Meryl Streep‘s forthcoming MASSIVE HYPE. Blunt and her husband will draw from the GOODWILL they’ve established  through the years. They are PALS with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, etc. Blunt is GOOD in the film and worthy enough to land a spot from a relatively not so competitive roster.

A Frustrated Everything: My preference for a Best Actress winner this year is Jessica Chastain. But her best bet at a nomination and possible win are in Best Supporting Actress. So unless Marion Cotillard returns with a nomination in Best Actress all my love goes to Julianne Moore. Who deserves at least one competitive Oscar win in her career. And God knows it would be fantastic if she could start a trend for actresses in their 50’s winning the category with some frequency.

Eddy Q: I don’t think Amy Adams is out yet, but she’s far from a lock. Being both the most praised and least criticised aspect of a divisive film can be a good sign, especially if that person is a perennial nominee. Then again, voters might prefer to give a newcomer like Felicity Jones a shot over an overdue actress who has no chance of winning yet again. My instinct tells me Adams will get another killer supporting role soon and win there.

Rosewater’ deserves major Oscar nominations

FreemanGriffin: Rosewater is one of the most astonishing film debuts by a director I have ever seen. Jon Stewart‘s direction and screenplay are brilliant! And Gael Garcia Bernal‘s performance is the best of his career and absolutely deserves an Oscar nomination! One of my favorite things about this movie – which makes it so richly deserving in the Direction and Screenplay categories – is the fact that we get to see Iranian life fully realized – this is not a standard good guys vs. bad guys, but rather shows that when religious fanatics, and corrupt politicians have power (the same as is the case here in the U.S. or in the U.K., etc.) there is trouble for human beings. The film is humane, compassionate, and absoultely brilliant!

theproblemdog: Today I went to a screening of Rosewater that was followed by a Q&A with Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari (the subject of the film). I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great directorial debut from Stewart. I really hope he continues to make films of this sort. While it wasn’t the best film of the year, it definitely is an important one, and it’s uniquely neutral (relatively) when it comes to western films about the Middle East. Stewart’s main message in the Q&A was that he hopes that the film can be a representation of what Iran looks like on the inside, both bad and good, without passing a whole lot of judgement one way or the other. Gael Garcia Bernal and the overall production are great, but I don’t see it being a big Oscar contender outside of a potential bid for Adapted Screenplay for Stewart.

Daniel Montgomery: I was surprised by how good it is. Not because I thought it would be bad, but because the buzz seemed to fade away after its festival premieres. Where did the enthusiasm go? This won’t be among my favorite films of the year, but I like it quite a bit better than some of the films getting a lot more attention, like “Foxcatcher,” “The Imitation Game,” and “The Theory of Everything.” The Rotten Tomatoes consensus calls it “unabashedly earnest,” which seems like kind of a condescending pat on the head. It’s earnest, sure, but no more than “Theory,” “Imitation,” “Interstellar,” etc., and it’s not schmaltzy.

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‘Modern Family’ episode ‘Queer Eyes, Full Hearts’

adamunc: This was an excellent episode, especially after that flat Halloween outing. I laughed out loud more than any other episode this season. The show’s still got it, it just don’t got it all the time.

Daniel B: Even though it’s still quite early in the season, I think this should be one of the 6 submission episodes for Comedy Series. Also, after watching this episode (and following her recent Critics Choice TV Award and OFTA TV Award nominations), I think Sarah Hyland could sneak into the Best Supporting Comedy Actress category. At this point, I think it would be just as likely as Vergara, O’Neill and Stonestreet returning to their respective categories.

Atypical: This was a good episode, and in comparison with the Halloween episode, it was stellar. All three storylines were strong ones. My favorite was Jay/Gloria/Manny’s arc with the Spanish tutor. I agree that Gloria’s language speech was well written and performed beautifully by Sofia Vergara. I knew exactly where the scenes with Mitchell and Cameron would go by the end, but there were some funny sections throughout.

mikeboy898: Pretty solid episode! I think that the individual family storylines are working in the show’s favor. It allows for greater payoff when the whole gang is together. Echoing what most others have said, I was a fan of the language storyline with Gloria and Jay – nicely written and acted.

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ episode ‘He Has a Wife’

Justmimusicmon: OMG WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!! I don’t care what anybody says Bonnie what’s to give Annalise some courtroom drama between the sheets! I love how they told the story from Lila’s perspective! I thoroughly enjoyed the case of the week, too. Oh, and what a roller coaster performance from Ms. Davis! I love how she didn’t give Sam the satisfaction of crying and really breaking down about Lila in front of him. As Per usual, Mama Debbie put her directing skills to very good use!

Someonelikeme: These writers are doing a great job with the mystery killer of both people. Sure you can theorize, but really, you don’t know! Lynn Whitfield was a nice welcome, and she and Aja had good/classic chemistry. Viola Davis, yet again, knocked it out of the park, with a performance chocked full of a variety of emotions, and she didn’t miss a beat!

DCurrie: So many different twists, made for a very exciting episode! I must also add, on paper, the case of the week, sounded very bleak, but it was very interesting, and I like the twist in that story as well. How about that Liza Weil? She was great! Viola seems to be a chameleon and just the quintessential acting partner, because they’re chemistry has always been great to me, since the 1st episode.

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