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Oscar race for Best Actress

awardsbuddy: Emily Blunt gave me chills in the recent trailer for Into the Woods, and that coupled with the knowledge that (i) it’s an extremely baity role (I know the show inside out) and (ii) Joanna Gleason won the Tony for best actress for her performance in the original Broadway production, I think Blunt easily gets an Oscar nom here. I think Woods will get into the best picture race, as well as best actress (Blunt), best supporting actress (Meryl Streep), and a few of the design categories.

England: I still believe Rosamund Pike is still a lock for nomination. The grossing, film reviews, performance reviews just seem to be in her favor. I still say she is the one to beat. (My opinion).

Bird: If Julianne Moore wasn’t in the running this year, Rosamund Pike could have ran away with the oscar easily given her competition. The filler this year is going to be Reese Witherspoon and (if she’s halfway decent) Amy Adams.

Actriz: Felicity Jones will be an also-ran but I can see Pike contending for the win. Moore’s reviews and overdue status seem to indicate that this will be a sweep for her, but I have a hinging feeling that in the end I’ll still prefer Pike’s performance. Witherspoon will get this nomination not only because of how enthusiastically the performance has been received but as a salute to how well she did this year both as an actress and a producer. For the final slot I’m choosing Jessica Chastain who appears to have her most “OSCAR!!!” role yet in A Most Violent Year.

Homeland’ episode ‘From A to B and Back Again’

Atypical: This season just took a big ole’ turn that I never expected to happen! OMG!

AviChristians: Absolutely heartbroken! I literally jumped out of my seat. And I’m not even sure what is more heart-breaking: Aayan unnecessarily getting killed tonight, or his realization that Carrie betrayed him, or that his uncle would too. R.I.P Ayan!!!!!!!

vinny: I’m a little bummed they killed him off but as long as it’s not Saul I’m good. Anyways, this episode was intense and the best so far this season for Homeland. A+

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Oscar race for Best Production Design

Espeon: Is it sad that some years I’m more impressed with the work done in this category than in some major categories. My predictions are Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Into the Woods (winning), Maleficent. I know it’s not going to happen but The Book of Life deserves to be considered at least. I would give it the win as of now.

ETPhoneHome: I am with you 100% there. The problem is, the majority of categories are looked at as being live-action exclusive. I am ridiculously holding out hope for The Boxtrolls in Costume Design. In this category, I think Grand Budapest Hotel deserves it the most of the front runners I’ve seen. At the moment, I could absolutely see it winning.

Tyler the Awesome Guy: I really hope the candy-colored production design of Grand Budapest Hotel gets nominated.

Bird: I think Snowpiercer might be able to nab a production design nom. It was the first film to send out screeners and if the voters watch it, I just don’t see how they can justify not voting for it. I can see this playing out in a scenario similar The Grandmaster last year where it goes under the radar all season until the guilds start mentioning it.

‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Chris Rock

Macbeth: A weak episode filled with blunders. Chris Rock was a great host, but there were too many weak spots in the episode. Definitely the worst of the season so far, but with the strong season we’ve had, this being the worst still makes it among the best in other seasons. Also, Prince gave an absolutely amazing performance that will go down as one of the best in the show’s history.

mikeboy898: I really don’t like saying this, but this was the worst SNL episode I’ve seen in the 10+ years I’ve been watching the show. SNL totally just took 10 steps back in my book with this. Most of the sketches left me confused and had me asking how the writers even got it to air/made it past the first round. Not even including the horribly offensive and totally unnecessary monologue (seriously, there are plenty of funny things to talk about, and the tragedies of the Boston Marathon and 9/11 shouldn’t be in that list -WTF. Chris Rock, not a fan), most of the show was god-awful.

Atypical: Chris Rock‘s monologue was scorching, and Prince‘s single set was absolutely mesmerizing (minus the female soloist), but other than that, little here was standout or noteworthy. Lots of missed cue cards tonight that were quite baffling (like the one with Rock and Leslie Jones as the old married couple). I don’t know what was going on with that one, but yikes. The digital shorts were a bit better than usual. The bank robbery one was cute. Weekend Update, meh. Jay Pharoah‘s Katt Williams is amazing, but other than that, nothing major there. Nice opportunities for the minority cast members to take the reins, but the writing failed them (the “How’s Obama Doing?” sketch was embarrassing to watch, for example). Rough, rough night.

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