28 Oscar Experts predict ‘Gravity’ will win Best Score

All but one of our 29 Oscar Experts are predicting that “Gravity” will win Best Score at the Oscars on Sunday. That overwhelming support Steven Price leading odds of 1/10 to take home an Academy Award on his first nomination. 

Pete Hammond (Deadline) is the lone holdout; he is predicting that four-time Oscar also-ran   Alexandre Desplat (“The Queen,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “The King’s Speech,” “Argo”) will prevail for “Philomena.” He is in second place with odds of 20/1. 

In third position with 33/1 odds is “Her“, composed by first-time nominees William Butler (from Arcade Fire) and Owen Pallett.

Fourth place is held by perennial also-ran Thomas Newman for “Saving Mr. Banks” with 50/1 odds. He has yet to win in his long career despite 11 previous nominations. 

Five-time Oscar champ John Williams is the longshot at 100/1 for “The Book Thief.” This marks his 49th career nomination, second only to Walt Disney (59 nominations)

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