Oscars predictions slugfest: Tariq Khan and Tom O’Neil get nasty (podcast)

Tariq Khan and I are infamous for leaving blood on the floor whenever we duke it out over Oscar predictions. Now you are advised to pull up a ringside seat for our first bout this derby season as we clash over such key questions as the fate of “Boyhood,” which currently has the best odds to win Best Picture, according to our Experts’ predictions.

Hold your horses, Derbyites! Tariq doesn’t think “Boyhood” can really win and so he (foolishly?) wrote an article for us titled “5 reasons why I’m not picking ‘Boyhood’ to win Best Picture.” He’s crazy, of course, and I tell him so — and why — but, please, hear us both out in our podcast below, then speak up in the comments section to let Tariq know that, as usual, I am right.

Oscars predictions slugfest: Thelma Adams vs. Tom O’Neil (podcast)

See Tariq’s latest Oscar predictions here. Mine here. See how both of our picks stack up to forecasts by other Experts here. Do a search at the iTunes Store for “GoldDerby” so you can subscribe to our future podcasts.

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