Users battle over Best Director Oscar: Bennett Miller (‘Foxcatcher’) vs. Richard Linklater (‘Boyhood’)

Hundreds of Gold Derby Users have already joined our panels of Experts and Editors in predicting the next Oscars, but they have a different idea about how Best Director will turn out.

How many Oscars will ‘Boyhood’ win?

They’re closely divided between two top contenders. In one corner is Richard Linklater, who received the best reviews of his career for his innovative coming-of-age drama “Boyhood.” He has two previous screenwriting nominations (for “Before Sunset” in 2004 and “Before Midnight” in 2013), but none yet for directing. However, while our experts place him solidly out front, he’s in second place with users, despite more than 200 who think he’ll win.

In the opposing corner is the man our users believe is the real frontrunner: Bennett Miller for the tragic sports story “Foxcatcher.” He already won the directing prize at Cannes earlier this year, and although this is only his third non-documentary feature, his previous two – “Capote” (2005) and “Moneyball” (2011) – were both Oscar-nominees for Best Picture, and the former earned him a directing bid. More than 260 give him the early edge.

Can Telluride sensation ‘Foxcatcher’ pin down Oscars?

The other contenders will need to catch up, though there’s still plenty of time for the tide to turn in this awards season. In third place with the support of more than 80 users is Angelina Jolie for another harrowing sports story, “Unbroken.” She won an acting Oscar in 1999 for “Girl, Interrupted” and is seeking her first plaudits for her work behind the camera.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“Birdman“) is backed by almost 50 users; he previously earned nominations for directing and producing “Babel” in 2006.

Two-time Best Director also-ran David Fincher (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in 2008 and “The Social Network” in 2010) is back with “Gone Girl.” Over 30 think he’ll ultimately prevail.

Take a look at the breakdown of our users predictions (click the chart to see more users’ picks), which indicates that Paul Thomas Anderson (“Inherent Vice“) and Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar“) may also be forces to be reckoned with:

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