Oscars News: Will Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ be an Oscar ‘secret weapon’?

Bill Desowitz asks if the new Ridley Scott epic film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” might be an Oscar “secret weapon” for this year. After watching a half hour of “powerful footage that left us wanting more,” he says the “answer is definitely yes.” Starring past champ Christian Bale as Moses, he calls it an “ambitious” retelling of the Biblical tale with Moses as a conflicted revolutionary and is “right up the Academy’s alley.” Scott had a previous Best Picture winner with “Gladiator” in 2000 although he lost the directing award to Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”). Watch a new trailer for the sword-and-sandals movie, which opens in theaters on December 12. Thompson on Hollywood

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Susan Wloszczyna believes that if the girl (Rosamund Pike) in “Gone Girl” provokes debate, that might be its path to eventual Oscar nominations. She calls the film “a cold-blooded social commentary dressed as a criminal procedure that ends up performing a nasty autopsy on a rancid marriage.” That alone might be “the right provocative entertertainment for those hungry for smart adult fare.” After screening for the first time last week at the New York Film Festival, the David Fincher movie starring Ben Affleck opens across America this Friday. Women and Hollywood

Kris Tapley is excited about this year’s Oscar race for Best Picture. He says that some people might believe it is a “slight one” compared to other years, but “the deeper you dive into the fray, the more you realize that the race only seems slight because it’s stretched thin across a wide variety of filmmaking.” He is specifically interested to see if Angelina Jolie‘s “Unbroken” works “in execution as well as it seems to on paper.” Will voters turn up their noses at “Interstellar,” another genre picture from Christopher Nolan? Will “The Imitation Game” be an awards thoroughbred? HitFix

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Bryan Alexander interviews Bradley Cooper about the upcoming Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper” and provides first-look photos. Cooper is also a producer of the film and stars in the real life story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He says that “he was on a mission to complete the vow (of a serious film) for the sake of Kyle, his family and all veterans.” As for possible awards potential, he adds that it is “secondary to telling Kyle’s story correctly.” USA Today

With the entry deadline now here, Australia submits the Aborigine-themed “Charlie’s Country” in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film. It is directed, written, and produced by Rolf de Heer and stars David Gulpilil. In the movie, the main character makes a stand following the invasion of his community. Variety

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