Oscars News: Audiences are going to ‘freak out’ when they finally see ‘Gone Girl’

In a new video chat, actress Reese Witherspoon proclaims that “people are going to freak out” when they finally see the upcoming film “Gone Girl.” In Toronto to promote her starring roles in “Wild” and “The Good Lie,” Witherspoon is also a producer for the David Fincher adaptation of the hot-selling novel. She adds that it “will start a lot of date night conversations.” The controversial ending “may or may not differ from the book.” Releasing nationwide on October 3, the film stars possible Oscar contenders Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. AOL Moviefone

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Susan Wloszczyna wonders why women alums from “Saturday Night Live” have a harder time than men making a permanent dent in the film world. She says that may now be changing with a breakout role in “The Skeleton Twins” for Kristen Wiig. She called it “an unexpected highlight” from Sundance earlier this year and will now get a bigger release coming off a strong reception on the film festival circuit. She and Bill Hader play siblings who reconnect after his failed suicide attempt. Thompson on Hollywood

Jeff Labrecque reports that the screening of Jon Stewart‘s directorial debut “Rosewater” received a standing ovation at this week’s Toronto premiere. Stewart himself referred to “Canada’s earnest warm reception” as feeling like sarcasm. He took a break last summer from his hosting and producing role on Emmy favorite “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to film this movie. It is the real-life story of journalist Maziar Bahari, who was imprisoned in Iran for supposedly being a spy. Entertainment Weekly

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Steven Zeitchik chats with actor Eddie Redmayne at an after-party following the Toronto premiere of “The Theory of Everything.” He says that the crowd “roared its admiration” at the screening. Redmayne discussed his complete transformation into physicist Stephen Hawking for the lead role. His first step was to read Hawking’s bestseller “A Brief History of Time” and then work with doctors on the deterioration process of his motor sensory disease. L.A. Times

Steve Pond discusses “The Theory of Everything” with director James Marsh and stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in a new video chat. He says that the romance between the two lead characters (Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking) is “one of the lesser known chapters” in their life stories. Jane met her future husband when he was still “able-bodied,” and the film tracks that relationship across the next 25 years as his physical condition worsened. The Wrap

Brent Lang calls new documentary film “Merchants of Doubt” a “mordantly funny indictment” of PR spin doctors. Directed by Robert Kenner (“Food Inc.”), he says that it “pulls back the curtain on the illusionists deployed by oil, gas and tobacco companies to use pseudo-science and spin to create an alternate reality in which cigarettes and gas guzzlers are our friends.” The film debuted in Toronto on Tuesday. Variety

Scott Feinberg believes that Julianne Moore could be a strong Best Actress contender at the Oscars if her film “Still Alice” could just find a “competent” distributor. Calling her “one of the most admired actresses of her generation,” he says she could be an easy pick in an “extremely thin” field. It is so thin, supporting actresses like Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood“) and Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”) are considering a move into lead. In the film, Moore plays an accomplished academic who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Hollywood Reporter

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