What are your wildest, left-field Oscar hunches this year?

It’s still early enough in the awards season that several films remain unseen, and presumed frontrunners could yet fall by the wayside. Remember, contenders like “Million Dollar Baby” and “Zero Dark Thirty” were late to join the Oscar conversation in their respective contests, while this time last year we thought Oprah Winfrey in “The Butler” was a cinch for a nomination, and maybe a win.

So we asked our forum posters what their instincts are telling them. Are there upcoming films we’re underestimating, or current films we’re drastically overestimating? Read some of their comments below and click here to join the discussion in our forums.

What are the top 20 Best Picture contenders?

nkb325: “I think people are underestimating ‘Selma.’ I also have it in Picture, Director, Actor … I worry the biggest thing in its way is ‘12 Years a Slave,’ and the academy maybe thinking they’ve done their part for race-movies (which is obviously ridiculous but unfortunately it’s very possible the voters think this way).”

ibbster: “I also have ‘Mr. Turner‘ down for some major nominations: Picture, Director, Actor, Screenplay, Cinematography, let alone more major tech noms.”

Tyler The Awesome Guy: “‘Unbroken‘ to sweep in the majority of the categories.”

CAROL-CHANNING: “I predict that ‘Unbroken’ is gonna flop. Not financially, but it won’t be the big Oscar contender people are predicting it to be.”

Who Needs an Oscar to Reach EGOT?

SxECanadianFanSxE: “I’m strongly considering ‘Whiplash‘ for a Best Picture nomination.”

Eddy Q: “I’d advise that anyone not predicting a 100/1 odds contender in any category to revise their predictions until they have at least 3 or 4 of them. The day before nominations announcement last January, ‘Philomena,’ Jonah Hill, and ‘The Missing Picture‘ all had 100/1 odds [and all received nominations].”

Zayner: “Mia Wasikowska (‘Tracks‘) for Best Actress. The last spot is still very much up for grabs. I think it’s Mia, Felicity Jones, and probably Hilary Swank battling for it.”

Macbeth: “People are really underestimating ‘Inherent Vice,’ and since the news broke out (two years ago?), I have been fervently saying we should watch out for this film.”

Joe Burns: “I’ll go out on a limb and say that [‘Foxcatcher‘ stars Channing Tatum and Steve Carell] will be the first pair of actors in 30 years to both be nominated for Best Actor [for the same film].”

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Do you agree with our posters’ early Oscar hunches? Is there any other film or actor that you think will come out of nowhere late in the race? Make your Best Picture predictions below, then click here to read more of their Oscar tea leaves.

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