Oscars news: ‘Interstellar’ advances in Best Picture race, ‘Imitation Game’ retreats one week


Pete Hammond offers his take on “Interstellar“: “The Best Picture category was made for films of this scope, ambition and achievement. And it is largely CGI-less, a rare move for epic movies of this scope, which should impress filmmakers. The major computers used for this film are on screen more than off. I would be surprised if Oscar voters left their love for this only to technical categories as they did all those years ago with ‘2001’.”  Deadline

And Sasha Stone explores the visual effects of “Interstellar,” observing that “they have to be seen to be believed” before showcasing them in a video from Wired. Awards Daily 

Anne Thompson delves into why the Weinstein Company pushed back “The Imitation Game” by a week to Nov. 28 and finds, “both ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘The Artist’ opened the same Friday. There may be more competition for screens with ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I’ on the 21st, which will dominate its first two days. This way ‘Imitation Game’ will compete with ‘Birdman”s wide opening. Thompson on Holllywood

Oscars predictions update: ‘Interstellar’ will win 5 Oscars, experts say

Matt Patches reports on the one-week qualifying run of “Cake,” starring Jennifer Aniston: “Cinelou Films’ distribution fledgling Cinelou Releasing has picked up the actress’ dramedy vehicle for release before the end of the year. The film played to mixed reviews at September’s Toronto Film Festival, but clearly Cinelou bigwigs Mark Canton and Courtney Solomon see awards potential.” In Contention

As Glenn Whipp notes, “If you’ve seen ‘The Judge,’ you know there’s a lot going on in this movie. There’s a story about an estranged father (Robert Duvall) and son (Robert Downey Jr.). There’s a criminal mystery involving the dad. There’s a courtroom drama. There’s a love story. There’s a nod to the sublime, sugary pleasures found in a piece of Bit-O-Honey. So it isn’t particularly surprising to hear that director David Dobkin had a much longer version of the movie that he had to whittle down in the editing room. Los Angeles Times

Oscars flashback: How smart or stupid were Experts at this point last year? 

Reflecting on the current state of the race, Tim Gray observes: “Last year at this time, several films seemed sure for Oscar best-picture nominations, if not the win. By late October, Alfonso Cuaron, Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto seemed like front-runners. As it turned out, they all entered the winners circle. This year, there’s no consensus on any of those races. And the best picture derby is similarly mysterious. Several films seem like shoo-ins for a nomination, but a win? No guarantees at this point.” Variety

And says Scott Feinberg: “I don’t think I’ve seen a better performance in 2014 than the one that Chadwick Boseman gives as the late James Brown in Tate Taylor‘s ‘Get On Up.’ It is straight-up transformative stuff — Boseman sings, dances and starts to even look just like Brown, “The Godfather of Soul” who died in 2006 — and if anyone is worthy of a best actor Oscar nomination in this remarkably crowded year for the category he is.” THR

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