What is your out on a limb Oscar prediction? Julia Roberts, Jonah Hill …?

There are surprises at every Oscar ceremony. Where will they be this year?

While some Oscar races seem sewn-up — Cate Blanchett for Best Actress, “Gravity for Best Visual Effects — many more remain fluid with the potential for upsets. Our forum posters tackled this topic by  answering the question: What is your out on a limb Oscar prediction?

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FreemanGriffin: My way way way out on a limb Oscar prediction for 2013 is Julia Roberts for Best Supporting Actress. It’s hard to see how Jennifer Lawrence wins 2 years in a row at such a young age (besides, imo, she is miscast and dreadful in her role), and Lupita Nyong’o is a complete unknown – so I think enough voters will have enjoyed August: Osage County (far more entertaining than most of the Best Picture contenders this year) and also, Julia Roberts has something else going for her: she’s actually the LEAD in her movie, therefore she has more screen time, and delivers a really terrific performance!

MSE: I think I’m going to pick Chiwetel Ejiofor as my Best Actor winner. That’s the only acting category where I expect an upset, and I don’t think it will be Leonardo DiCaprio. Not to mention that Best Actor has a tendency to line up with Best Picture, or at least a strong Best Picture contender.

thedemonhog: Categories where I am predicting a contender that is ranked third in the odds are
Leading Actor (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Original Song (“Happy“), Sound Mixing (“Captain Phillips“).

Tye-Grr and ThemeParks4Life: Best Supporting Actor- Jonah Hill.

dude93: Barkhad Abdi for supporting actor; and I think with that BAFTA in his grip, he is a serious dark horse contender.

BenitoDelicias: As usual, I can see Emmanuel Lubezki losing (Best Cinematography for “Gravity”) in one of the biggest shocks of the night.

Halo_Insider: “Philomena” for Original Score. My reasoning is that while “Her” has a passionate contingent and some success on the awards circuit (even getting runner-up at LAFCA), “Philomena” seems like the kind of film that would play to a broader section of Academy members. If voters love “Philomena” enough to want to give it something, it wouldn’t be surprising to see “Gravity” lose here, given how people will expect it to sweep the techs and Director.

papablue: “The Wind Rises” for Best Animated Feature. Hayazawa’s final film, and you may have the Old Guard within the Academy give him a deserving sendoff.

ETPhoneHome: “12 Years a Slave” for costume design. Gatsby’s been overestimated for a while, and it’s a category to reward 12 years in.

NickSpake: “The Square” for Best Documentary Feature.

Denton: My gut tells me “12 Years a Slave” has a better shot at Production Design, but this category sometimes has not-so-great films winning that Oscar (“Alice In Wonderland,” “Sweeney Todd”).  Gatsby has been cleaning house in both of these categories, even winning both at BAFTA.

Jonathan: “Prisoners” for Best Cinematography.  I know it’s wishful thinking, but Roger Deakins is an artist and deserves this.

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