Will Live Action Short at Oscars go to funny or serious fare?

Unlike last year, this year nominees for Best Live Action Short include several that are distinctly lighter in tone among those tackling the subjects of child soldiers, death at a young age, delusions, spousal abuse and family chaos. 

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The Voorman Problem
A psychiatrist (Emmy nominee Martin Freeman) is requested to evaluate a prisoner who believes he is God and has managed to have the whole prison start worshipping him.

This film from first-time nominees Mark Gill and Baldwin Li is predicted to win by 17 Experts, all six Editors, 15 of the Top 24 Users and 75% of All Users. That support translates into leading odds of 2/9.

Pros: The movie is dark but also very funny. It is the only one entirely in English and that it stars someone very recognizable in “Sherlock” featured player Freeman positions it well with the expanded voting pool.

Cons: The film is only 12 minutes long and leaves the viewer feeling like there is a whole lot more story left to tell.

Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me)
This short, co-produced by Amnesty International, is about an African child soldier who helps to take three foreigners hostage.

This is Esteban Crespo‘s first nomination and has the backing of three Experts, one Top 24 User and 10% of our Users, giving it 10/1 odds. 

Pros: The film deals with a very important issue and has the feel of being something very important. While its subject matter is very heavy, the ending has a tinge of optimism

Cons: However, it may be too heavy and presented in a way that may turn off certain voters. A similarly themed film, “Asad,” lost this race last year.

Just Before Losing Everything
This film from rookie contenders Xavier Legrand and Alexandre Gavrasis is about a woman who enlists the help of her co-workers to aid her and her children in leaving her abusive husband.

As only one Expert and 5% of Users are predicting this to prevail, it has odds of 25/1.

Pros: This suspense movie is definitely the most gripping of the nominees. And as no abuse is shown in the movie, it’s not something people would find difficult to watch.

Cons: It’s in French and the subject matter could still be a turnoff to prospective voters.

This Danish short is about a hospital janitor who befriends a dying boy by telling him about a wondrous place he’ll go to rest up called Helium which is much more exciting than Heaven.

It’s the first nomination for Anders Walter and the fifth for Kim Magnusson. Magnusson was nominated in this category for “Ernst & Lyset” (1996), “Wolfgang” (1997) and “Helmer & Son” (2006) and won this category for “Election Night (Valgaften)” in 1998.

With the backing of 8% of Users, it has odds of 33/1. 

Pros: The film is very imaginative and the CGI scenes that show the world of Helium are quite beautiful. Though the subject matter is difficult, the film’s ending is actually kind of upbeat.

Cons: No short film about children dying has won this honor including also-rans “The Door” (2009), “The Confession” (2010), “Wish 143” (2010) and “Buzkashi Boys” (2012).

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything
This Finnish film shows a chaotic morning as the matriarch of a family attempts to get everyone ready for a wedding and everything that can go wrong does.

The film marks the first nominations for Selma Vilhunen and Kirsikka Saari.

With just 2% two percent of Users backing this nominee, it has 100/1 odds.

Pros: The film is quick, to the point and the funniest. For the parents among voters, the plot may prove very relatable.

Cons: With its lighter subject matter, the film lacks the level of importance of some of the other nominees. 

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