What hated Oscar wins would you dare to defend?

It’s true that history isn’t always kind to the decisions made by Oscar voters: “How Green Was My Valley” over “Citizen Kane,” “Dances with Wolves” over “Goodfellas,” “Crash” over “Brokeback Mountain,” to name a few controversial calls. But are all unpopular Oscar-winners universally reviled? Not so, according to our forum posters, who are sticking their necks out for some of the most unpopular winners of recent years.

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Poster Joe Burns got the ball rolling, making his case in defense of Helen Hunt for Best Actress in “As Good as it Gets” (“Seriously, why do people dislike her so much?  She gives a terrific performance”), and “The King’s Speech” for Best Picture (“Many will disagree with me, but I find this film wonderful and entertaining, even if it loses some if its impact on repeated viewings”). He even thinks “Forrest Gump” gets a bad rap: “Not a great movie, no, but not a bad one either and I am one of the few who was not overly impressed with ‘Pulp Fiction.'”

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More posters have come to the rescue of other Oscar champs:

– ETPhoneHome: “I have to always defend ‘Dances With Wolves’ beating ‘Goodfellas.’ I don’t know if it’s necessarily a better film, but I preferred ‘Dances With Wolves’ and think it was a very worthy winner. “

– nkb325: “‘Crash’ – An amazing movie that I absolutely loved. I will admit that I have not seen ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ so I can’t say whether or not it deserved to win that specific year, but it is certainly deserving in general as a BP winner.”

– eastwest: “I recently watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’ again after years from the initial viewing and it plays wonderfully still. [Russell Crowe] should’ve taken [Best Actor] in a walk.”

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Among acting winners, our posters cite more women than men (Renee Zellweger in “Cold Mountain,” Gwyneth Paltrow in “Shakespeare in Love,” etc.), as it seems female winners are subject to more backlash than their male counterparts.

Joe Burns agrees with that assessment, but argues, “I  think that might be true, but I think people are more  passionate about the female categories then the male ones  in general.” Adds GhostOrchid, “Let’s face it: many love the crazy awards circus that is centered by women and their performances. Good or bad, it’s something worth talking about.”

Do you agree that the above performances deserve more respect? Are there other maligned winners you think our posters have overlooked? Click here to read more comments and join the discussion.

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