Who makes the best Oscars predictions: Our Experts, Editors or Top 24 Users?

At Gold Derby, we showcase a slew of Oscars predictions: more than two dozen Experts, our in-house team of Editors, the Top 24 Users from last year’s contest and thousands of Users just like you. So, which of these groups should you turn to for advice before making your predictions as to this year’s Oscar nominations? 

Last year, our top two dozen readers had an average accuracy of 72.73% when forecasting the nominations across the 24 Oscar categories. That put them well ahead of both our Editors (70.61%) and Experts (70.10%). Overall, our nearly 3,000 Users logged nearly 48,000 predictions and averaged 68.96%. correct. (See the in-depth score reports here.)

Among our Top 24 Users, gufa74 scored an impressive 78% and collected the top prize of $1,000 in our predictions contest (Read all about his winning strategy here).

Four more of our Top 24 Users — eastwest, Brian DiVito, predictorbilly and Tony Randall — scored 77% each which put them ahead of our leading two Experts (Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter and Los Angeles Times scribe Glenn Whipp) who both scored 76%. And 34 more Users did better than me, the third-ranked Expert, with my score of 73%. (See the breakdown by group here). 

Collectively, we did best at predicting the line-ups for Adapted Screenplay (89%), Picture (87%), and Actress (80%). Our worst categories were Live Action Short (26%) and Makeup/Hairstyling (33%). (See the individual category results here). 

To see this year’s Oscar predictions broken down individually and collectively, click the following links:

Individual ranked predictions by category
Combined rankings & racetrack odds

Individual ranked predictions by category
Combined rankings & racetrack odds
TOP 24 USERS (from last year)
Individual ranked predictions by category
Combined rankings & racetrack odds

Combined rankings & racetrack odds

Combination of all predictions from Experts, Editors, Top 24 and All Users

Armed with all this information, is it not time to make your Oscar predictions?

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