Oscars Poll: Who’s REALLY more overdue, Amy Adams or Julianne Moore?

Our forum posters are debating what could be one of this year’s most crucial Oscar questions: Who’s really more overdue for a win, Amy Adams or Julianne Moore? Neither has won before, and both have films in contention this year: Adams in “Big Eyes,” in which she plays a real-life painter whose husband took credit for her work, and Moore as an early Alzheimer’s sufferer in “Still Alice.”

Julianne Moore leaps into the Oscars race with ‘Still Alice

The answer to the question could determine who really is the frontrunner for the Best Actress Oscar.   Currently, Reese Witherspoon (“Wild“) is in first place, but barely. This 2005 Oscar champ (“Walk the Line”) has the support of six of our 16 Experts, while Moore — who just jumped into this race — has the backing of five and Adams of the yet-to-be seen Tim Burton movie has the votes of four of them. (The last likes the look of Felicity Jones in “The Theory of Everything.”) See individual Experts predictions here, combined results here, and overall odds here

In years past, we’ve seen the academy give better-late-than-never kudos to a number of stars who had been cruelly snubbed in the past. Paul Newman finally won a competitive Oscar on his eighth try: Best Actor for “The Color of Money” (1986). Geraldine Page also had to wait until her eighth try before she won Best Actress for “The Trip to Bountiful” in 1985.

More recently, Kate Winslet won Best Actress for “The Reader” in 2008 on her sixth attempt, and Jeff Bridges won Best Actor for “Crazy Heart” in 2009 on his fifth. Sure, voters were probably fond of those performances in and of themselves, but it’s likely that they were also motivated to right a past wrong.

So who does the academy owe an Oscar to more: Adams or Moore? Adams has more nominations – five since 2005 – but Moore has been waiting longer, having earned four nominations between 1997 and 2002, and none since. Read some of our forum posters comments, and then vote in our poll below.

Who got Best Actress Oscars boost from TIFF: Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore …?

Macbeth: “Julianne. She’s been working longer, has given better performances and is an iconic actress already. Amy, while very good, still has a little bit more to prove before she can be proclaimed an icon.”

BrokenFan: “Why was there a poll for this? Was there ever any doubt that Julianne is more ‘overdue’ than Amy?”

ETPhoneHome: “I think that Adams is more overdue because she is currently at the top of her career and has reached the point where she absolutely should have an Oscar.”

Eddy Q: “For me no one is overdue in the sense that, no matter how distinguished an actor’s career, if there were better performances each time they were nominated then they shouldn’t have won. In the case of Julianne Moore and Amy Adams, however, I feel they’ve deserved to win their categories twice each … So they’re both equally ‘overdue’ in my mind, but I guess Moore has had the slightly more distinguished career overall.”

KT: “For me, it’ll just come down to who gave the best performance this year, whether it’s Moore, Adams, or someone else – no one is owed.”

oopschoice: “Amy Adams is more on the Oscar radar since she has been a part of high-profile ensembles. At the rate she’s going, her nominations could add up to 10 by the time she is 50. So give Oscar to Moore first.”

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