Tom Gladston (Top 24 User) predicts Oscars: ‘Boyhood’ for Best Picture

Listen up, Oscar fans: To help you make your predictions, we are chatting with some of our users who cleaned house last year when forecasting the nominations. Tom Gladston (better known as Sagand in our world-famous Oscar forum) did so well at predicting last year’s lineup that his current predictions are now featured as part of Gold Derby’s Top 24 Users.

Gladston is a 24-year-old graduate who resides in Rugby in the United Kingdom. Gold Derby sat down with Gladston to find out how the heck he did so well last year and what he’s predicting to win this year. Hint: You may want to copy some of his Oscar predictions!

Spill the beans, Tom! How did you do so well at predicting last year’s Oscar nominations?Gladston: The most important factor was a massive slice of luck. Going against the crowd in the shorts categories could have easily gone either way but tended to work out. Absorbing as much information as possible can only help. In decisions between head and heart, I followed my heart.

Was there one particular Oscar nomination prediction that you were most proud of?
Gladston: The day before nominations, I had a feeling people were underestimating “Her.” I was very happy I moved it into production design, original song and score. (Less so moving it into director)

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Looking forward, what are your major Oscar predictions for this year?
Gladston: It’s too early to have anything unreleased set in stone. “Boyhood” should be in all the major categories but only competitive for the win in screenplay. “Gone Girl” should perform better than “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but worse than “The Social Network.” “Into the Woods” certainly has a path to racking up a lot of nominations, as the Academy has shown in the past they like a good musical (or a mediocre one). “The Imitation Game” seems to me the best placed to be Best Picture. A buzzed-about actor, a story that is historically important, yet still explores relevant issues that should also work on an emotional level. And being British never hurt a film.

What might be some of the biggest surprises on Oscar nominations morning?
Gladston: If it’s too early predict nominations, it’s way too early to predict shocks. Saying that, I don’t see “Birdman” or “Inherent Vice” as very Oscar-friendly films and wouldn’t be surprised to see them fade away. I really can’t see the directors branch going for Angelina Jolie if “Unbroken” isn’t perfection. Christopher Nolan not getting nominated also never surprises.

Is ‘Inherent Vice’ too quirky for Oscars?

Do you usually listen to Oscar pundits, or go your own way?
Gladston: I listen to as many different predictions as I can, and more importantly the reasoning behind a prediction. Then I decide which version of nominations rings most true.

What is your favorite film or performance so far from 2014?
Gladston: Ralph Fiennes in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and favourite blockbuster was “Edge of Tomorrow.”

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Finally, what are your favorite Oscar wins of all time?
Gladston: My three favourite best picture winners are “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” “Silence of the Lambs” and “Titanic.”

For Best Actress, Gladston is predicting that four-time Oscar bridesmaid Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”) will finally prevail. Below, use our easy drag-and-drop menu to cast your own ballot for Oscar’s Best Actress. 

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