Oscar video contest: ‘Oscars State of Mind’ zooms to top

Entrants to our video contest featuring Derbyites making Oscar predictions need to be worried. A late, slick and impressively bouncy submission by Ted Stevenson just zoomed up to the top of the score list. See the current rankings here and then dole out the number of nuggets (1 to 5) you wish to bestow upon each creative submission.

And please submit your own video, too. Hurry. Time is running out to win the contest prize: $100 Amazon gift certificate and, oh, yes, universal fame and acclaim.


1.) OSCARS STATE OF MIND – Ted Stevenson teams up (and busts a groove) with Samantha Massell to do their own riff on Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind.” Impressive production values, crooning, camera shots, musical underscore, editing and, oh, Samantha’s costume changes! You sexy duo: you were born to perform this on the red carpet outside the Dolby Theater on March 2.

2.) CYLING IN THE RAIN – Undaunted, Riley Chow presses on through a gloomy downpour, a clunky bicycle and – oh, no! – soiled and soaked shoes to explain why “American Hustle” is ahead to win Best Picture.

3.) OSCAR BEST PICTURE JUNIOR – The academy should really revive those old “juvenline Oscars” so we can give them to Rob Licuria’s kids William and Juliette for their performance of daddy’s predix for Best Pix nominations.

4.) CHRIS AND DANIEL ON OSCARS – Daniel Montgomery and Chris Beachum team up to explain why they believe only three films are seriously in the running to win Best Picture.

5.) JASON PREDICTS OSCARS — Jason Travis narrates his submission as he leans on photos from the contending films for visuals. Analysis is rich with key info like reference to the fact that Robert Redford didn’t get nominated by SAG or BAFTA, but did win New York Film Critics Circle.

6.) ALTERNATIVE ANNOUNCEMENT – Charles Bright believes that the high holy event of Hollywood – the grand unveiling of Oscar nominations – should be staged as, well, a high holy event … in latin and flowing robes, no less.

7.) OSCAR ANALYSIS FROM U.K. –Johnymac1981 (Jonny McFarlane) turns on the charm of his Scottish accent to explain all the top races and why, for example, Lupita Nyongo and Jennifer Lawrence are Yanks are neck and neck to win Best Supporting Actress.

8.) OSCARS FROM A HAT – Matt Noble is such a deft Oscarologist that he can pull just about any name out of a hat and tell you why that person will win. Well, except for Meryl Streep.

9.) EARLY PREDICTIONS – After winning last year’s video contest, defending champ Opera Junky (Tony Ruiz) doesn’t seem flustered about new competition as he kicks back to share his new picks.

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