Meet our contest winners: Best prediction scores at Gold Derby

Next time you make predictions at Gold Derby, these are the folks you need to pay attention to — and steal from.

Click here to see which of your fellow readers have won cash prizes for reaping top scores in our contests to predict the outcomes of everything from the Oscars and the Emmys to “Survivor” and “The Voice.”

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Current events to predict include the Oscar nominations, CMA Awards, Golden Globe nominations, Grammy nominations, SAG nominations, “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “The Amazing Race,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “Top Chef” and “The Walking Dead.”

To get started, make sure you are logged into your Gold Derby account, or you can register for a free account via Facebook, Twitter or Google. 

After logging in, click on the “Predictions” button found at the top-right of every page. That will bring you to a list of every event currently being predicted at Gold Derby. Click on any box to start forecasting that event, then scroll down to start making your predictions.

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For most events, the prize will be a $100 Amazon gift certificate. However, for the user who predicts the most Oscar nominations correctly, he or she will be rewarded with a $1,000 prize.

So what are you waiting for? Start predicting Best Picture at the Oscars now by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below.

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