Oscars predictions slugfest: Thelma Adams vs. Tom O’Neil (podcast)

“Right now, of the things I’ve seen, ‘The Imitation Game‘ is in the lead” for Best Picture,” says Thelma Adams (Yahoo) in our podcast chat.

The reason: “Because it works. It’s a brave story well told,” she adds.

“It’s about World War II codebreakers and then it has this historical kick. Alan Turing was a homosexual at a time when that was illegal and even though he saved the queen – God save the queen! – and made a huge difference in terms of World War II, he was arrested for being gay. Chemically castrated. He couldn’t handle that and committed suicide.”

Adams has its star ahead for Best Actor: “Benedict Cumberbatch gives the most amazing emotional performance.”

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See Thelma Adams’ Oscar predictions here. See how they compare to other pundits’ picks, including mine. Beware: There are still many Oscar-contending films yet to see. Adams and I just discuss the ones we know about. Listen to our podcast chat below. Do a search for “GoldDerby” in the iTunes store to subscribe to all Gold Derby podcasts.

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