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Who are we overestimating for the Oscars? – Click here to discuss

FilmGuy619: Maybe Robert Duvall. I think his Globe and SAG nominations just have to do with him being who he is, like Helen Mirren in Hitchcock, who was nominated at both awards shows, then eventually got snubbed. Also, even though Unbroken and American Sniper were shut out by the Globes and SAGS, they might’ve peaked too late. I don’t think Jennifer Aniston should get too comfortable either.

Tyler the Awesome Guy: The Grand Budapest Hotel. As much as I loved the movie, the Academy has never loved Wes Anderson films as much as everyone did. Look at Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr. Fox in total getting only three nominations.

Awardsfunyay: Felicity Jones/Rosamund Pike in Best Actress. I think Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon are locks compared to them because of their name and star power. I think since we do always see surprises, one of those two women could get knocked out from the “lock” that they’ve had for so long. Now that Jennifer Aniston has received more for performance I think she could almost be stronger than those two because she is more exciting becuase she is finally being taken seriously.

Eddy Q: It appears Unbroken has been overestimated all year long, but people are finally cottoning on to this. I’d say it has a slender chance of making it into Best Picture, but for Director Angelina Jolie can forget it. Also we shouldn’t assume all Oscar voters are rushing to see Cake and The Judge (or even Nightcrawler), but Aniston, Duvall and Gyllenhaal all have at least half-decent chances, though I’d be surprised to see all 3 make it in.

Noe: The Imitation Game. 3rd/4th in the odds qualifies as overestimated to me. I don’t think it’s that strong. Same with Benedict Cumberbatch. Not a lock as Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton. Could be the Tom Hanks of this year.

Halo Insider: I wouldn’t be too surprised if Gone Girl was left off the Best Picture list. I’m currently predicting it, due to the immense commercial success that it’s managed to attain (along with its critical reviews), but it could easily be just the sort of thing that voters find a little too cold.

Macbeth: Eddie Redmayne for the win. Sure, he gives a good performance, but the fact is that the second half of the film is mainly Felicity Jones‘ time to shine as he becomes physically disabled, and the fact is that Redmayne has won only two small awards really makes me dubious about his chances of winning.

Favorite TV program of 2014 – Click here to discuss

ETPhoneHome: The Good Wife. I’ve been a fan of this show since it started, but with its recent surge in quality, it has become the show that I most look forward to every week, and it never disappoints. The biggest twist of the entire show came this year, and it was handled so beautifully and the show reshaped itself into something totally new with many interesting avenues to explore. It’s clear that there is now a clear direction to its conclusion in a season and a half, but I look forward to seeing every episode until then.

theproblemdog: Transparent. What an incredibly moving, impactful, and heartbreaking 10 episodes. From Maura’s difficult coming out to the decades of family secrets and lies, this series covered some difficult subjects with compassion, grace, and just enough humor to pass off the whole thing as a comedy. Rarely was I laughing out loud, but the comedic moments that did come out all landed perfectly.

Pieman1994: Over the Garden Wall. Who would have thought that a mini-series from Cartoon Network would turn out to be the best thing on television all year? No television season or event comes close to Over the Garden Wall. This might even be the best non-Ghibli or non-Pixar animation production ever. AND THAT’S A ROCK FACT! No show made me laugh as much. No show made me cry as much. Nothing I saw was as poignant or as dazzling.

IEnjoyTV: Fargo. Everything just worked which made it the biggest surprise/success story of the year for me.

What are the 2014 Razzie Awards contenders?
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TeleFlick: Now that Dumb and Dumber To has been panned by critics, does everyone think it will be a surefire Worst Sequel contender?

KyleBailey: Exodus: Gods and Kings wasn’t a great movie but I would watch this movie a thousand times in a row before ever watching The Counselor. The Counselor is just pure torture in movie form.

TeleFlick: With the remake of Annie getting slaughtered by critics, it’s safe to say that in addition to getting a Worst Remake nomination, Cameron Diaz is now a frontrunner to win Worst Actress for this, The Other Woman and Sex Tape!

24Emmy: Is The Interview eligible for Razzie consideration?

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