Emmy Episode Analysis: Matt LeBlanc (‘Episodes’) faces cancellation and curses the Brits

Six-time Emmy nominee Matt LeBlanc is back in the Best Comedy Actor race for the third consecutive year for playing, well, himself in Showtime’s “Episodes.”

Matt LeBlanc dishes skewering his image on ‘Episodes’ (Exclusive Video)

SYNOPSIS: In LeBlanc’s submission, “Episode 306,” Matt finds out that his show “Pucks!” is being canceled, which he takes pretty well since he has a potential offer to return to NBC. After calling his agent with the “good news,” he’s told that the role he was hoping for was given to a popular British actor instead. Matt rants to his producers, who are British, about how infuriating it is to see British actors take all the best roles on American TV. Later that night, Matt is consoled by his girlfriend; he tells her how much he wanted the role and complains about other, substandard offers.

On the set of his show, Matt sees a new face around the set, the younger sister of costar Morning Randolph. She becomes star-struck and explains much she loved him as Joey on “Friends” and that meeting him is like an early birthday present to herself. He asks how old she’ll be, and she says 19, so he wastes no time bedding her.

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When Morning sees the two pull up to the set together, she realizes what has happened and confronts Matt. He denies having slept with Morning’s sister because, in fact, she is actually Morning’s daughter. But he promises that it will never happen again. Later that night, Matt’s girlfriend returns home early from her trip and she is able to tell by his smell that he has been with another woman. He denies it, but she doesn’t believe him. He finally admits that he did cheat because he was depressed, and she decides to leave him.

Will Emmy voters award Matt LeBlanc this time around? Let’s analyze the pros and cons:


LeBlanc gives a hilarious rant about British actors taking roles here in the US, something Emmy voters may be able to relate to.

In a category that is relatively light on laughs this year, LeBlanc is quite funny, even poking fun at himself and his past roles.

This is LeBlanc’s sixth nomination, third for this role. Voters may think it’s time to finally award this television vet.


Watching LeBlanc play a version of himself, you can’t help but be reminded of his role as Joey on “Friends”: also a womanizing actor. This character is smarter than Joey was, but is that enough of a creative stretch to impress Emmy voters?

Matt is not very likable here. He sleeps with his co-star’s barely legal daughter, cheats on his girlfriend, and lies about it. Not a lot to sympathize with.

LeBlanc spends a lot of time off-screen for the star of his show.

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LeBlanc currently ranks fifth in our Comedy Actor predictions with 33/1 odds. Are we being underestimating Matt? Make your predictions below.

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