‘Project Runway’ recap: Ghosts of runways past haunt street-chic challenge

Season 13 of “Project Runway” is nearing the end. Did you correctly predict who would advance to the final four? Our users sure did.

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Our predictors bet on Emily Payne to be eliminated, giving her 10/3 odds to be sent home, and that’s precisely what happened (click here to see the complete stats). The judges weren’t impresed by the two looks she designed for this week’s dual challenge: to create a street-chic look, and also to re-design one of this season’s losing looks with the help of the look’s original designer.

Emily chose Samantha Plasencia‘s losing design from the “Priceless Runway” challenge, which the judges considered too simple at the time. Emily didn’t do much to improve it, turning it into another simple look that lacked any sense of her signature style. Her street-chic look was very much an Emily Payne creation, but the judges didn’t think it was runway ready.

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That means the final four are three-time challenge winners Kini Zamora and Sean Kelly, two-time champ Amanda Valentine, and Char Glover, who hasn’t won a challenge, and in fact was eliminated from the competition once already before being saved by Tim Gunn. But the judges let her know that she barely squeaked through to the finals, which means she might have the most to prove at Fashion Week.

Korina Emmerich clearly hadn’t gotten over her outrage after losing out to Char in last week’s show, but Char chose Korina’s losing look for her re-design, and when Korina learned she would have to assist a woman she has admitted she doesn’t respect, Korina demanded to leave.

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But Tim Gunn didn’t leave Char to fend for herself; he recruited Alexander Knox to take her place, which makes me wonder: why wasn’t Alexander’s losing “Find Your Muse” look among those chosen for the re-design challenge? All the most recent losing designs were included save his. Did producers want to capitalize on the drama of another Korina confrontation?

As of last week, Kini was our users’ frontrunner to win, getting 7/2 odds, followed by Sean and Amanda with 9/2 odds. Char trailed with 11/2 odds.

Kini also led our user poll by a landslide: 71% think he deserves to win. Sean was a distant second with 16%. If you disagree, you can keep voting here.

This season’s top-scoring user is currently Ryan Lapierre, but this week belonged to Umur Cagin Tas, who correctly predicted Emily’s elimination (click here for more user scores). He’s currently predicting Sean to be this season’s ultimate winner. Is he right? Click here to make your predictions, or use the drag-and-drop menu below.

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