Amanda Valentine vs. Kini Zamora: Our top users clash over who will win ‘Project Runway’

Season 13 of “Project Runway” ends on Thursday night, and for a while it seemed like Kini Zamora would win in a cakewalk. He led our racetrack odds for three consecutive weeks leading up to the two-part finale that started on October 16. But his preview collection was ripped to shreds by judges, and now our users are divided over who will prevail. Does Kini have any hope of salvaging a win? Or will one of his competitors take advantage of his rare misstep?

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“I’m currently predicting Kini to win,” says user Ryan Lapierre, who currently leads our “Project Runway” predictions contest. “I’m a little worried because he had the worst critiques this week. But Kini’s storyline and track record throughout this season makes me feel that Kini can still win.”

But not so fast. Umur Cagin Tas, who ranks second in our predictions contest, disagrees: “I am predicting [Amanda Valentine] to win, because I think she showed us her second chance in this season means so much to her and ‘Project Runway’ is all about trying to make history.” Valentine previously competed in season 11 of “Runway,” but a viewer vote at the start of this season brought her back for a second chance. She has certainly made the most of the opportunity, winning two design challenges, earning high scores from judges four other times, and getting low scores only once.

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But neither of our top users agree with our racetrack odds. It’s a tight race, but New Zealand-native Sean Kelly is out front with 3/1 odds, with Zamora in second with 7/2 odds, and Amanda and Char Glover tied for third with 4/1 odds.

Tas has had a change of heart about Kelly: “I changed my predictions after I watched the episode ‘Finale, Part 1.’ I thought this whole season that Sean will be the ultimate winner. But I think his collection has no range and that’s going to affect the jury’s final decision.”

Lapierre and Tas may not agree on who’s in, but they’re both certain about who’s out. “I think Char would have the least chance of winning,” says Lapierre. “I’m not saying there’s no chance, but she hasn’t won a challenge. And I don’t think Char can win over some very strong designers.” Tas agrees emphatically, adding, “Char is out, that’s for sure.”

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Do you agree with Lapierre or Tas about this season’s “Project Runway” winner? Or do you think our users’ consensus choice, Sean, is the man to beat? And is Char really down and out? The judges were much kinder to her preview collection than they were to Kini’s.

Click here or use our drag-and-drop menu below to make your predictions, which are pooled together with the rest of our users to generate our official racetrack odds. Whoever scores the most game points at the end of the season wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate – will it be Lapierre, or will Tas’s bold stance for underdog Amanda push him over the top?

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