‘Project Runway’ recap: Who got to dress Heidi Klum for the Emmys?

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn didn’t repeat their success at the Emmys this year; they won Reality Host in 2013 for “Project Runway,” but were bested this time by Jane Lynch (“Hollywood Game Night“). However, Klum did make a winner out of one of this season’s “Runway” designers. This week’s task was to design a red-carpet dress that she would actually wear to the Creative Arts Emmys.

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That lucky designer was Sean Kelly, and it was especially fortunate for him since he was in the bottom three for the last two weeks. He designed the bold, playful fringe gown pictured above and won the challenge, earning himself award-show immortality as well as immunity for next week.

It was lucky for Klum that Sean pulled through, because most of the contestants’ ideas left her cold when she visited the work room to check their progress. After she made her way around the room and shot down the designers’ ideas for her – peacock feathers from Sandhya Garg, devil horns from Mitchell Perry, bad fabric from Korina Emmerich – many panicked contenders had to regroup, with mixed results.

Scrambling to salvage their work led to rushed, sloppy dresses from Mitchell, Korina, and Kristine Guico, though the judges admitted to being disappointed by several other designs as well. They were so dismayed, in fact, that after eliminating Mitchell from the competition they decided to get rid of Kristine too. Korina survived the fashion bloodbath, but she was still distraught; she agreed with the judges that her work wasn’t good enough.

Sean’s fringe won the day, but the judges were also impressed by Kini Zamora‘s elegant black gown with a sexy open back and Amanda Valentine‘s adventurous beaded detailing. Amanda is certainly making the most of her second chance after competing in season 11 of “Project Runway”: her top-three finish this week comes after winning two of the previous four challenges and finishing in the top three in another.

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Will Amanda win again next week? Or is Sean finally on a hot streak? Predict who will win next week’s challenge below.

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