‘Project Runway’ recap: Storage war leads to head-to-head face-off and bitter exit

This week’s “Project Runway” took a page out of the “Storage Wars” playbook: the remaining six designers split into teams of two to create cohesive collections from the unusual materials in mystery storage lockers they bid on. But it turned into a real battle when the judges added a last-minute twist: the bottom two designers were given an impromptu tie-breaker to decide who would stay and who would go.

What do you think about this week’s result? Should it have been Korina or Char on the chopping block? Respond in our poll below, then predict who will be eliminated next in our ‘Project Runway’ contest here.

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With just three weeks to go until the finale, Ryan Lapierre has racked up a solid lead among our users predicting the outcome of each episode. He has done well foreseeing who will win each week’s challenge and who will get bounced.

This week was a tough one as Korina Emmerich and Char Glover wound up at the bottom for their designs – Korina for a Southwestern-style look that was too busy and Char for a mesh dress that was too simplistic and derivative. Unable to reach a decision about the week’s poorest designer, the judges gave them just one hour to create a new look with the help of their challenge teammates.

Perhaps last week’s victory went to Korina’s head. Having won twice and considering Char an inferior designer, she may have thought herself invincible for the week, and she had nothing but confidence going into the runway show. Meanwhile, Char struggled with the construction of her garments and greatly leaned on Sean for help.

While Char won this challenge, our users are predicting her to be cut next. Click on the chart to the right to see our odds for the next elimination as well as the winner of that challenge and the ultimate champ. 

Korina had assumed her competitors were shocked by her elimination, perhaps having forgotten that Sandhya Garg was also recently sent home after having won two challenges. Char chuckled at the indirect insult, but when she defended herself, Korina snapped back, “This isn’t about you!”

Korina, having won the previous challenge, and another before that, was offended by the indignity of having to battle against Char, who had already been eliminated once and was rescued by Tim Gunn last week when a zipper on her garment busted. The pressure of an unexpected 60-minute design challenge brought out the worst in her. She and her model trash-talked Char so aggressively that even Korina’s tie-breaker assistant Emily Payne didn’t want to help her anymore.

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Char kept it simple, using an easy blue fabric to create a dress with the help of Sean Kelly that the judges thought was runway-ready. Korina’s ambitious, graphic design was impressive given her time constraints, but they decided that Char had clearly created the stronger, smarter, more complete look and sent Korina home, leading to the most defiant exit since Carrie Sleutskaya left in a huff in week two.

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