‘Project Runway’ Poll: Should Korina Emmerich get over herself?

Last week on “Project Runway,” Korina Emmerich won her second challenge of the season, impressing judges with the stylish leather jacket she designed for a nonprofessional model she recruited from Washington Square Park. But even before she won, she bragged about her designs, not just this week but throughout the season, arguing that she stands out from the pack.

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In our recent poll, readers voted Emmerich as their least favorite designer among the top eight with almost half the total vote. Her latest bout of arrogance and trash-talking probably won’t win her any new fans. But on the other hand, she has now won two challenges; only three other designers among the remaining six competitors have won challenges (Sean Kelly has three wins, while Kini Zamora and Amanda Valentine also have two). Is she right to be confident?

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As of this writing, Emmerich ranks third in our racetrack odds to win season 13, behind Zamora and Kelly (click here to see more stats, and click here to make your own predictions). Do you think she’s too cocky? Are her days numbered? Vote in our poll below, then predict whether you think Emmerich can actually win.

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