‘Project Runway’ Poll: Which designer do you HATE the most?

There are eight designers remaining in season 13 of “Project Runway,” down from the 18 that started on July 24, and they’re a mixed bag of personalities and styles. We know which contestants you’re predicting to winAlexander Knox leads with 7/2 odds, followed by three-time challenge-winner Sean Kelly with 11/2 odds – but is there anyone you’re rooting against?

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Project Runway’ fashion show:
Bold designs and Tim Gunn’s Ice Bucket Challenge [Photo Gallery]

Korina Emmerich called Amanda Valentine a “phony” before a recent challenge. Did you agree with Korina, or did you take Amanda’s side in that dispute? And should Amanda have been brought back at all after being eliminated in season 11?

Char Glover also got a second chance this season. Tim Gunn used his one-time-only Tim Gunn Save to rescue her from elimination after her disastrous rock-wedding challenge. Did he make the right call, or should he have used his Save on someone else?

Speaking of the rock wedding, Sean won that challenge despite only doing half of the work he got credit for. He needed partner Kini Zamora‘s help to finish, but he neglected to speak up for Kini and accepted the victory. Do you think he stole that win?

Then there’s Sandhya Garg. She has been nothing if not controversial, clashing with her partners during team challenges, designing looks that have perplexed her rivals, and bragging during the “Rainway” challenge about standing out from the crowd. Has she become arrogant? Have the judges given her too much credit?

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Let us know who your least favorite “Runway” contestant is in our poll below, then use our drag-and-drop menu to predict who you think will win season 13.

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