‘Project Runway’ poll: Is Sandhya a misunderstood genius, or overrated?

So far, Sandhya Garg has run roughshod over her competitors on “Project Runway,” winning two out of the season’s first four challenges, losing after being creatively strong-armed by Hernan Lander during a group challenge. But while the judges love her work, her fellow designers don’t understand the hype.

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In week one, Sandhya created a frayed, floral spring dress that was hardly practical for everyday wear, but the judges admired her bold artistic statement.

She had immunity going into the second week of competition, which was lucky, because her clashes with Hernan and Carrie Sleutskaya during an unconventional-materials group challenge brought all three of them down. When the dust settled on their flimsy film-stock designs, Hernan was spared, while Carrie was eliminated.

Working independently again in week three, Sandhya made a comeback during a futuristic challenge, even though rival contestant Korina Emmerich compared her design unfavorably to a jet pack. Not all of the judges were on board with Sandhya’s style this time – Heidi Klum admitted she wasn’t a fan – but the others were so impressed that she won the challenge anyway.

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What do you think about Sandhya? Are her designs hot or not? Take our poll below, then predict whether she’ll win “Project Runway.”

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