‘Project Runway’ contest winner Ryan Lapierre sounds off: Sean Kelly had ‘worst collection’

While Sean Kelly may have been lucky enough to win the 13th season of “Project Runway,” our predictions contest champ Ryan Lapierre was not a fan of this designer. “I thought Sean had the worst collection,” he declared to us. Rather, he was rooting for Amanda Valentine, who made a successful comeback to “Runway” after being eliminated two seasons ago. “She’s made the most improvement, she had the best collection, and she’s a designer who knows what she wants and has a career ahead of her,” he explained. 

This was Lapierre’s fourth season watching “Project Runway,” and he credits that experience with giving him the insight needed to predict this year’s results so well. “The judges always favor certain contestants,” he explained, “and when you watch season after season, you have an idea of who’s gonna make it far and who’s not.”

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Lapierre loves reality TV. He’s currently among our top scorers predicting “Dancing with the Stars,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Survivor.”

What’s his secret?

“Editing really is important when it’s not a live show,” he revealed. “For ‘Survivor,’ look how people are being edited; CBS is going to edit to make the people who go far have the most screen time. ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is really hard as well, but people who keep going on the block are going to be out next.”

However, he admits to one Achilles’ heel when it comes  to predicting TV: “For ‘The Amazing Race,’ I suck at predicting that show, can’t give you any advice on that one.”

What about you? 

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A large component of Lapierre’s success in our “Project Runway” contest was correctly predicting the week-to-week eliminations: he was right six times when forecasting who would get the boot, in part because he kept a watchful eye for clues in previews for the next week’s show, and in part because of intuition: “Could anyone imagine [Alexander Knox] or [Fade Zu Grau] making it to the final four? No. So sometimes I can realize when a contestant’s time is done.”

But, he admits it was more challenging to figure out who would win design challenges from week to week. “It could be anybody,” said Lapierre. “Someone who’s been on the bottom and all of a sudden has a comeback like Sean. Or someone who’s been flying by in the middle like [Korina Emmerich]. Or someone who just keeps winning and wins again like [Kini Zamora]. So it is very unpredictable.”

Ultimately, Lapierre predicted Kini would win the season, even after the judges brutally panned the preview of his final collection.

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The results that took Lapierre the most by surprise were the two challenge wins early in the season for Sandhya Garg, a controversial contestant whose designs made her competitors roll their eyes but often made the judges swoon. “They were trash, that’s it,” Lapierre said of her looks. “Sandhya is the most overrated designer I’ve ever seen in my life.”

As for Korina, who generated the most drama of any contestant this season, Lapierre agrees with the general consensus that she was “WAY too full of herself. I didn’t care for [Char Glover, whose abilities Korina disparaged], but Korina was being a sore loser and rude.”

Now that “Runway” is over, use our drag-and-drop menu below to test your mettle against Lapierre and all our other users by predicting “Survivor.”

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