‘Project Runway’ recap: Designers find their muse, Tim Gunn makes two controversial calls

Last week on “Project Runway,” the designers worked with pint-sized models to create children’s looks. This week presented them with yet another model twist: they had to recruits clients from Washington Square Park in New York City and design appropriate looks for them to wear on the runway. But this episode may ultimately be remembered for the way it hinged on a pair of unprecedented decisions by Tim Gunn.

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The first came when Gunn assessed the designers’ progress in the middle of the two-day challenge. He didn’t mince words with Alexander Knox, warning him that his strange blend of polka dots and colors was one of the most hideous things he had ever seen and that he must change it to have any hope of surviving. Alexander was understandably panic-stricken, but he took Gunn’s advice to heart and scrambled for a new look from the fabric he had left: a hastily assembled crop top and skirt.

The second decision came when Gunn was about to call time and bring the designers and their models to the runway. Char Glover‘s model had a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction that obliterated the zipper on her short shorts. Afraid for the modesty of the first-time model, Gunn asked the other designers if they would allow Char extra time to make the necessary repair. Her competitors agreed, but when they privately conferred afterwards, they admitted to feeling pressured. Was it really fair, after bringing her back on the show with his Tim Gunn Save, for him to come to her rescue yet again?

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As it turned out, Char and Alexander were the judges’ bottom two. But even though they thought Char’s look was wildly inappropriate for her model/client, a pre-school teacher, and in spite of learning after the fact about her unprecedented late finish, they kept her in the competition and eliminated Alexander instead.

Would the outcome had been reversed without Gunn’s double intervention? If Alexander had completed his first unfortunate design, might he have had time to compensate with polished craftsmanship and squeaked by on his technical skills? And if Char had been left to sink or swim on her own, would she have had any hope for survival?

What did you think of this week’s episode. Did Korina Emmerich deserve to win despite her increasingly arrogant behavior? And do you think Tim Gunn is really to blame for Alexander’s downfall? Use our drag-and-drop menu to predict who will be sent home next week.

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