‘Project Runway’ recap: Design challenge gives contestants wedding jitters

Team challenges are not Sandhya Garg‘s friend. The idiosyncratic “Project Runway” designer has won two challenges, but she has also posted low scores in two challenges, and they both happened to be group efforts. However, the lucky contestant has once again lived to design another day.

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When she was teamed with Carrie Sleutskaya and Hernan Lander during week two’s unconventional-materials challenge, they overpowered her and she delivered an uninspired dress based on their ideas. This week, however, she may have been her own worst enemy.

This week, teams of two were tasked with making two wedding looks: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Char Glover was nervous when she drew Sandhya as a partner, but she didn’t push back on her ideas nearly as hard as Carrie and Hernan did.

They agreed on the color yellow, but the bright canary fabric Sandhya chose made Char uneasy. When Tim Gunn later checked in on their progress, he warned them that they needed to execute their looks perfectly in order to compensate for their intense shade.

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Unfortunately, sloppy construction from both of them left them at the bottom of the judges’ scores. Sandhya got another chance, but Char was sent home, which means all of Sandhya’s team partners thus far have been eliminated. Should the remaining contestants beware if there’s another team challenge?

Char wasn’t the only designer with reason to be disappointed. Kini Zamora and Sean Kelly won the challenge for their fusion of masculine and feminine in a lesbian theme wedding, and the judges chose Sean as the individual champ for the second week in a row – even though half of Sean’s winning look was actually made by Kini, which Sean neglected to tell the judges.

Also experiencing discord were Amanda Valentine and Korina Emmerich. At the start of the episode, we learned that Korina had called Amanda a “phony,” so of course they wound up paired for the wedding challenge. Korina wasn’t comfortable thinking outside the box for her tuxedo-style design, but Amanda, afraid to rock the boat, was content to keep her head down and focus on her own work.

Despite their rocky partnership, they were the first team announced to be safe. That may not have been enough to make them friends, but for a moment at least the two designers were bonded by their mutual relief to be able to put the challenge behind them.

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What did you think of this week’s wedding challenge? Should Sandhya have been sent home instead of Char? And was Kini robbed of the win? Comment below and in our forums, then predict who will win the season.

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