‘Project Runway’ recap: The future looks bleak for Angela

Week three of “Project Runway” tasked the designers with looking 20 years into the past to create designs that might grace the pages of Marie Claire magazine 20 years in the future, but the episode also induced a feeling of deja vu. Familiar grievances were aired, a previous challenge-winner came out on top again, and a frequently criticized designer was finally sent home.

Project Runway’ contest: Win prizes by predicting who’s in and who’s out

It seems that the less her competitors understand her vision, the likelier it is that Sandhya Garg will win. In week one, her fellow designers were nonplussed by her frayed spring look, but she won over the judges. Though last week’s group challenge brought her low thanks to her incompatibility with teammates Hernan Lander and eliminated Carrie Sleutskaya, she made a comeback this week with her own independent design. Korina Emmerich thought it looked like a jet pack, but Korina may need to consider jet-pack-chic in the future, because Sandhya won again.

Sandhya knows her rivals dislike her. She admitted that she came to the show expecting to make friends, but has given up that hope after continued clashes. After finding out she won, she seemed reluctant even to tell the other designers, perhaps anticipating their disapproval. But she’s popular with the judges, which is all that matters – at least until another group challenges throws her together with more contentious teammates.

Angela Sum was also experiencing deja vu, but it didn’t end as well for her. As during previous challenges, she was struck with anxiety and insecurity, already on the verge of tears when Tim Gunn came to the work room to check the designers’ progress. He liked her idea for a futuristic reimagining of business attire, but she already seemed to be second guessing herself.

The judges confirmed her fears. Zac Posen thought her pale-colored design looked like “Obi-Wan Kenobi’s manicurist,” and while Heidi Klum liked the idea, she thought the execution looked messy and unfinished. This was the third week in a row that Angela was among the judges’ least favorite designers – last week she was only saved by the strong work of her teammates – so it was no surprise that they eliminated her from the competition. Three strikes and she was out.

Before sending her away, Heidi complimented her skill as a designer, and Tim agreed, though he added that “Project Runway” was probably the wrong environment for her.

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Will Sandhya continue to dominate the competition in future weeks? And if so, will she finally win over her competitors? Predict this season’s winner below, and discuss this season in our forums.

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