You decide: What should win new Razzie ‘I want my ten bucks back’ award?

The Razzies are at their best when they are celebrating the worst of Hollywood. And the upcoming 34th annual edition of these kudos are giving you a chance you to be part of the fun.  

Only members of the Golden Raspberry Awards foundation can vote for the “winners” of these prizes. However, anyone who donates a dollar (or more) to the new Indiegogo campaign can weigh in with their pick for the picture they suffered through for which they would most like their money back. 

The winning title will be chosen by a randomly selected voter who “through the courtesy of the Razzie Awards’ largesse, he or she will literally be presented with a check giving them back the ten bucks they wasted seeing a Razzie caliber movie.”

And be sure to vote below for what you think will win Worst Picture at the Razzies using our easy drag-and-drop menu. 

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