Will Adam Sandler win Worst Actor Razzie for record third year in a row?

Just how much do Razzie voters love to hate Adam Sandler?

Kind of a lot, if his recent track record at these kudos is any indication. After reaping just one win (Worst Actor – “Big Daddy,” 1999) from 14 nominations in various categories over the years, he so appalled Razzie voters with 2011’s “Jack and Jill” that they gave his film every single award on offer. Six of those 10 trophies went to Sandler himself — including Worst Actor and Actress for playing male and female twins. That left nothing for the maligned “Transformers” or “Twilight” franchises that year.

Then in 2012 Sandler made “That’s My Boy,” and they gave him Worst Actor again, though that time they spared him the indignity of winning every prize by bestowing the lion’s share of Golden Raspberries on the “Twilight” finale.

Those back-to-back victories as Worst Actor put Sandler in the same company as Sylvester Stallone (“Rhinestone” in 1984; “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and “Rocky IV” in 1985) and Pauly Shore (“Jury Duty” in 1995; “Bio-Dome” in 1996).

But no man has pulled off a three-peat at the Razzies. That could all change this year.

Sandler is favored to win Worst Actor for his work in “Grown Ups 2,” which leads all films with eight other nominations including Worst Picture. That’s history he would probably rather avoid making, and so is this: he would be tied with Stallone as the most awarded Worst Actor in Razzie history, with four apiece.

And Stallone is in the running for Worst Actor too. Nominated for three performances in 2013 – “Bullet to the Head,” “Escape Plan,” and “Grudge Match” – he could potentially extend his record to five. However, that’s unlikely according to our predictions center, where Sandler leads with 4/5 odds and Stallone trails in third place with 12/1 odds.

Will Sandler win his third Razzie in a row? If so, will he finally take the hint and stop making movies like “Grown Ups 2,” or can we expect to see him nominated for “Grown Ups 3”?

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