Watch: Andy Daly goes to ‘dark places’ in the name of comedy on ‘Review’

Starring in Comedy Central’s “Review” appealed to actor and comedian Andy Daly from the very beginning. Adapted from an Australian series, it follows television host Forrest MacNeil, who goes to increasingly absurd lengths to evaluate life experiences for the viewing audience, and, as Daly told us in our recent video chat, “I saw immediately that this character was a kind of guy I play a lot, somebody who seems very normal on the surface and is very reserved, but who goes to dark places.”

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But he never worried about going too far: “He’s not a bad person who wants to do cocaine. He doesn’t really want to go to orgies … so it felt like as long as we held on to that, and we didn’t just make him a monster, that there would be no way to go too far really.”

Daly likes that blend of pathos and humor, which increasingly collide as Forrest throws his life under the bus for the integrity of his reviews: divorcing his wife, running from the law, and dabbling in racism, to name a few. One of his favorite reviews was from the season finale: “The quitting segment in our final episode is a very special one to me because of how sad it is and how simultaneously funny. If you can pull both of those things off at once to a great degree, I just love that.”

“Review” has elements of sketch comedy, but the network is entering it as a comedy rather than variety program, which Daly agrees is a better fit. And combined with his recent guest appearances on shows like “Modern Family” and “Silicon Valley,” it’s possible Daly will be all over the Emmy ballot this summer.

“Listen, I’d be delighted to take home a whole bunch of Emmys,” he said. “I’ve got room for them here in the house as you can see. I can clear a lot of this stuff out.”

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Watch our interview below, and then predict whether Daly will have to make room on his shelf for a Best Comedy Actor trophy:

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