Hear how Ricky Gervais made Derek sweet and Conan O’Brien cry (audio podcast)

At the Netflix screening debut of season two of “Derek” at the TV academy, two-time Emmy winner Ricky Gervais wasted no time letting the audience know exactly what he wanted: “I want one more before I die. Just one more Emmy. I’ve won a couple of Emmys. I don’t remember what they’re for, but I treasure them.”

And just to make his award allegiance clear to the packed room full of Emmy voters, he said that, even though he (notoriously) hosted a rival award show, he had a preference, “I did the Golden Globes. The Emmys are so much better. They’re my favorite,” to which moderator Conan O’Brien chimed in, “Yeah, yeah, no, nothing beats the Emmys.”

Gervais portrays Derek as a kind, animal-loving nursing home caretaker, who isn’t always the star of the program. “You write terrific women characters and make them the center of the show,” O’Brien pointed out. Gervais replied, “Well, they’re half the population. And I think I’d have to credit the women bringing me up in my family about 90%.”

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Gervais admitted that friend Karl Pilkington, who plays Dougie, tends to get annoyed with the things Gervais has Dougie do. Gervais said the character was all just one big joke on his friend:

Gervais: “After we were done shooting, I told Karl that Dougie was based on Karl if he’d never met me, and he was furious. It [Dougie] was one big practical joke to annoy a friend.”

O’Brien: “In each episodes there are about six vicious slams about his hair style.”

Gervais: “Yeah, again, that’s because I do that to him in real life and I’ve always wanted to grow his hair out so it’d look ridiculous.”

O’Brien: “That’s very cruel. And this show’s about kindness?”

Gervais: “It is about kindness. Me being kind to myself.”

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Listen to our audio recording below to find out how Gervais made Conan cry like a baby, if “Derek” will see a season three, and what Gervais thinks is the biggest difference between American and British humor.

Season two of “Derek” premieres Friday May 30 on Netflix.





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