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Emmy nominee Ricky Gervais (“Derek“) really put on a full-blown, hilarious show for us when we chatted via Twitter. Refusing at times to be confined to 140-character responses to our questions, he ripped off his shirt and took half-naked photos of himself leaning dangerously out of a window high over London and, once back safe inside, cradling his 2007 Emmy as Best Comedy Actor for “Extras” as if it were his precious infant child. Here’s what went down.

@GOLDDERBY: Hey @rickygervais – you ready to rock and Emmy roll with @goldderby?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Bring it on.

@GOLDDERBY: What’s more important, winning the Emmy or beating Louis CK?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Haha. I love Louis but he sweats way too much in a Tuxedo. No one wants to see that on stage at such a prestigious event.

@GOLDDERBY: So true. You never sweat it. What’s more important, winning the Emmy or world peace?

@RICKYGERVAIS: World peace. Definitely world peace. (I’ll DM you the real answer)

@GOLDDERBY: In 2007 you staged Best Actor upset, triggering 4,291 Hollywood heart attacks. You’re aiming for how many this year?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Haha. Yeah there were a lot of raised eyebrows that night. (Well there would would have been if they hadn’t all had so much Botox.)

@GOLDDERBY: You also won Best Comedy Series in 2006 as producer of the US ‘The Office’. Were ‘Curb’, ‘Scrubs’ and ‘2.5 Men’ sore losers?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Even I don’t remember that. I think you know way too much about award shows. (I bet Larry didn’t even turn up.)

@GOLDDERBY: Our Editors pick you to win now for two reasons: 1) You’re sexy. 2) Your episode entry to Emmy judges (brilliant!). Why episode 6, season 2 of ‘Derek’?

@RICKYGERVAIS: I think it’s the most stand alone episode with a bit of everything. Comedy, tragedy and heart. Sexy indeed…

@GOLDDERBY: Were you tempted to have Derek’s date go awry? So sweet to see it be happy. She sees Derek’s charm and goodness, so we do too.

@RICKYGERVAIS: I love my characters so I always try to give them eventual joy. Derek deserves happiness and I can make sure he gets it. 🙂

@GOLDDERBY: Derek’s inspiring speech at the end should be etched in marble. Sums up who he is and who we SHOULD be. Hard for you to write?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Writing and acting like Derek is like life: Just be kind and everything turns out OK. I’m thinking of just being him full time. 🙂

@GOLDDERBY: Ah, sweet idea! What are your future plans for the ‘Derek’ series?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Probably the same as The Office and Extras: Two seasons and a special. Lazy.

@GOLDDERBY: Not lazy. Sounds right. If you win an Emmy will you: 1) Give poignant speech? 2) Trash the joint like a frathouse bash?

@RICKYGERVAIS: I will trash the place,  but I’ll do it crying and thanking god. Multi tasking.

@GOLDDERBY: GREAT! Greatest perf of your career! Last question: Is it ever OK to kill for an Emmy?

@RICKYGERVAIS: Is it okay for a lion to kill if it’s protecting its baby? (It’s getting weird now. Thanks for the chat.)

@GOLDDERBY: Thanks for chatting with us, Ricky! Have FUN on Augest 25th at Nokia Theater.

@RICKYGERVAIS: my pleasure & thanks for your support. (If I were to kill someone to win the Emmy, who would be the best ….no, no forget it)


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