Robin Williams’ films ‘defined my childhood,’ ‘his demons were his own’

Gold Derby readers, shocked by the news of Robin Williams‘ death, are expressing their poignant thoughts in our forums. Sample comments below. See more here and join them in our message boards to share your own feelings.

Macbeth: I think he should get the final spot on the Oscar In Memoriam segment. The man was an absolute legend. I really can’t believe this. I had a look at his filmography again to just wrap my head around this tragic news, and I just saw dozens of films that defined my childhood. His demons were his own, and he battled them for years and years. We can only appreciate the magnificent artist he was.  

keithw:I met him once at a casino near where I lived. He seemed very quiet and shy actually though he did pose for a photo with me.  Extremely funny man in a live show!

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BrokenFan: So sad. RIP, Mr. Williams. My first movie I saw of him was Mrs. Doubtfire, and it’s still one of the few movies that I frequently revisit. A great loss. 

1874: I am so sad…I still remember watching Bicentennial Man endlessly as a kid.  R.I.P.  

nowhereboy: my beloved comedian.I used to watch his cecil b. demille aceptance speech every time that i felt depressed. RIP

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