Outrageous SAG reactions: A play-by-play from our bitchy forums

Gold Derby’s forum posters are known for their brass, take-no-prisoners opinions, all of which were in play Saturday night as the winners were announced at the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards. Samples below. See more here.

5:03 p.m. – Kevin: That VoiceOver guy at the beginning is so creepy. And what’s up with Juliette Lewis’ neck?

5:08 – Atypical: Lupita Nyong’o, bitches! WOOOOT!

5:09 – BamaEd: Oh the joy on her face is just beautiful. To see someone not yet jaded by the film industry is refreshing. So happy for her.

5:11 – Gabriel: Julia Roberts‘ smile at the end of Lupita’s speech seemed semi-forced, lmao.

5:13 – Beau S.: Why do the SAGs play such ridiculous music when the winners walk to the stage?

5:14 – Atypical: Jared Leto! Love it! Someone else than Jennifer Garner could have presented this though.

5:22 – Gabriel: If I have to hear “alright alright alright” one more time, I swear…

5:24 – Halo_Insider: Hadn’t realized how many times the nakedness of the SAG award had been brought up. Huh. Reminds me of Dustin Hoffman‘s Oscar speech for “Kramer vs. Kramer”: “He has no genitalia, and he’s holding a sword.”

5:25 – 24Emmy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus! She’s now just a Globe and TCA away from winning all 5 major TV awards.

5:25 – Miss Frost: Yes! Julia Louis-Dreyfus!!!! They are killing it with these winners tonight!

5:29 – msnowden1: Good. We don’t have to sit through another Alec Baldwin SAG speech.

5:30 – joesilver: Finally a non-Alec Baldwin winner. Ty Burrell is a Great choice.

5:30 – Renaton: Wow, Ty Burell. He just ruined my (so far) perfect score, hahaha. It just comes to show how no matter how much people insist on predicting “The Big Bang Theory” to beat “Modern Family” at these things, it ain’t gonna happen.

5:31 – EmmaShadow19: Yeessss!! I was predicting Jim Parsons, but I’m just so happy it’s not Baldwin! If he had overtaken Julianna Margulies in total SAGs, it would not be right!!

5:33 – Renaton: I hope Oprah yells “EVERYBODY GETS A SAG AWAAAAAAAAAARD!”

5:33 – Miss Frost: If Matthew McConaughey wins, then the best actor race is officially over. I am really hoping for an upset from Bruce Dern. They love to award the elderly sometimes.

5:37 – Duke Silver: Went to “Modern Family.” I predicted it so I’m happy for that, but would rather have seen a new winner. On the plus side, it isn’t “The Big Bang Theory.” Anything besides TBBT is the right choice.

5:38 – Beau S.: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons now has more SAG awards than Meryl Streep.

5:40 – joesilver: At least the TV comedy winners are much better than the Globes. Andy Samberg and his show [“Brooklyn Nine-Nine“] winning the comedy categories was disgusting.

5:45 – DamianWayne: When is boring ass Ken Howard being replaced as President?? Hearing him speak is like watching paint dry.

5:51 – Gabriel: Even Helen Mirren is surprised at her own name-checking, LOL.

5:52 – msnowden1: Mirren does not deserve this at all, especially considering how bad “Phil Spector” was. Especially not over the best performance of the group, Elisabeth Moss in “Top of the Lake.”

5:54 – Renaton: I like how normal Julia acts around Meryl. It’s always so annoying when Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt and others act all wide-eyed and dumbstruck around her.

5:56 – Halo_Insider:Anyone else willing to vote for Emma Thompson as GoldDerby’s new Queen?

5:58 – ThemeParks4Life: This is the last major awards show Michael Douglas can win at, where will those 500 points go now?

6:01 – joesilver: I guess no more “Behind the Candelabra” speeches. Poor Matt Damon always had to hear about these silly jokes of been top / bottom during these awards on every Michael Douglas speech.

6:04 – Renaton: And those jokes got annoying pretty fast. We get it, you played gay, hahahaha, isn’t it funny that i played gay? Hahahahaha. Enough, Michael.

6:13 – Miss Frost: Rita Moreno is great, but I have to admit she has always scared me with how hyper she is.

6:14: BamaEd: I love that she cussed. And she is still lovely. She’s 82? WOW!! I’ve always been a big fan of hers. Way to go Rita!!

6:19: Milo Kunis: If you ever want to know how good Rita Moreno is, just ask her. She’d be happy to tell you.

6:25: BamaEd: Did Sarah Paulson steal that dress from Kiernan Shipka, because it shouldn’t be worn by anyone over 14.

6:27: Sasha: Toldja Dame Maggie Smith was gonna take it. I know my sh**.

6:28 msnowden1: Another undeserved win for Maggie Smith. What bothers me most is that she never bothers to come because she thinks she’s better than the other nominees.

6:30 Milo Kunis: I suppose the Kerry Washington media circus has finally come to a well deserved conclusion.

6:31 msnowden1: Thank you, God! You saved the night for me, Bryan Cranston.

6:35 24Emmy: That’s how you do the In Memoriam tribute, Emmys.

6:44 Gabriel: Anna Gunn, Elisabeth Moss and Sarah Paulson should get together after the show and start their own victim of rubberstamping support group.

6:45 – Renaton: Hum, there’s this actress called Anna Gunn, who plays Walter White’s wife, and she did some pretty intense, incredible work on the show. And Smith just beat her for doing nothing but spewing one-liners.

6:48 – Duke Silver: “Breaking Bad” is awesome, but “Game of Thrones” is the very definition of ensemble. The latter deserved to win.

6:48 – Halo_Insider: Weird how even MM and Jared describing “Dallas Buyers Club‘s” plot as a two-person story highlights how odd it is to see it as an Ensemble nominee.

6:50 – Atypical: Alright, alright, alright! Get that Oscar, McConaughey!

6:50 – Denis: Well, Leonardo DiCaprio is losing the Oscar again, sh*tttttttttt

6:51 – Sasha: And the Oscar goes to McGrossaughey. The race is over. All the acting races are now locked up. What a lovely race we had. Very short but lovely. You can always count on televised awards to be voted with sheep mentality.

7:01 – Yakob: Sassy Cate Blanchett. Love it.

7:01 – Halo_Insider: Cate is just so brilliant at calling out these award shows for trying to cut her time.

7:02 – Army Of Men: Bruce Dern seems so unhappy to be there. I’m assuming he’s disappointed in losing so frequently the past week.

7:06 – msnowden1: “American Hustle.” No surprise there. Although I didn’t love the film as much as I wanted to, I thought the acting was the best part of it. Well deserved.

7:07 – Atypical: Oh Cuba, no lol. Get your drunk a** off the stage.

7:08 – Sasha: Why they’re sucking David O. Russell‘s d*** so much? He’s such a huge douche and yet all these actors are sucking on his c*** like it’s full of cocaine!

7:10 – BamaEd: Does Woody Allen write for women over 50? Or just their daughters?

7:28 – Denis: Wondering if Oscar voters will go full Teen Choice Awards and give the win to Jennifer Lawrence. There are at least two girls there that are more deserving than her.

That’s what our forum posters thought of the SAG Awards, but what did YOU think? Sound off in the comments section below!


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