Sam Woolf on ‘American Idol’ exit: ‘The twist was kind of bull crap’ (Exclusive Video)

“We thought the twist was kind of bull crap,” Sam Woolf admitted to Gold Derby during our exclusive webcam chat (watch below) that took place the day after his dramatic “American Idol” exit.

The twist he’s referring to is the anonymous vote that each of the Top 5 contestants — Sam, Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse — were forced to cast during a commercial break. A unanimous “Yes” vote meant that the gang would stick together for one more week (with two singers being voted out next Thursday), while any “No” votes meant there would be an elimination right then and there.

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Since the vote was not unanimous (three “Yes” votes and two “No” votes), Sam ended up being eliminated for the second time.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories that the producers wanted to keep Sam around for another week or two because he’s so likable. Did Sam buy into any of those theories? “I don’t know man, maybe they’re true, maybe they’re not.”

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If Sam had stuck around, he really wanted to do an original song live on the show. “I think it would be cool to sing an original on the show, but I don’t know where that would fall in because there would have to be a theme for that.”

Sam also goes into detail about what mentor Randy Jackson actually does to help each of the contestants week after week. “On Fridays… we play [our songs] for him and he tells us what he thinks, like if he has anything that needs changed. And if we have a group of songs we can pick from, he’ll help us decide which one he thinks best. And on Monday during rehearsal he’s there to give us critiques.”

Below, watch the full interview with the latest “Idol” cast-off, then cast your votes for who you think will win Season 13 using the TV Derby Predictions menu.

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