Join our live Emmy chat with Scott Wilson (‘The Walking Dead’) this Thursday

The Walking Dead” has killed off dozens of characters over the years, but when it was time for Scott Wilson‘s send-off last season, many fans expressed outrage over his character’s death. What was it about the killing of Hershel Greene by the Governor (David Morrissey) that struck such an emotional cord with the audience? That’s just one of the questions we will ask Wilson when he joins us for a live webchat this Thursday (June 12) at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET on Gold Derby’s home page.

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Did Wilson feel that Hershel’s death by decapitation was too violent and maybe a step over the line, or is there truly no line for “The Walking Dead” when it comes to what can be shown on television?

How far in advance did Wilson know that his character would be killed off, and how did the “Walking Dead” showrunners inform him of the bad news?

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In the months since Wilson filmed that final episode, what does he find himself missing the most? He returned for the season finale in a flashback scene, so is there any chance we might see him pop up again in Season 5 or beyond?

Last year, “The Walking Dead” ranked as the most-watched series on television at a time when viewing habits are changing to online streaming, on-demand viewings and illegal downloads. What is the secret to the show’s success, and why haven’t any of the other networks found a way to replicate it?

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