5 reasons why ‘Silicon Valley’ will win Best Comedy Series at Emmys

In 2009, ABC unleashed a comedic monster that would set the bar so high that it’d sweep its way through the Emmys four years in a row, leaving other shows to wonder: “Honestly, how much better do we have to get?!?” Yes, “Modern Family” is that good and there has been little challenge to its Emmy reign until now.

HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” created by “Office Space” scribe and Emmy winner Mike Judge (“King of the Hill”), has taken the formula of two perennial Emmy nominees (“The Big Bang Theory” and “Entourage“) and molded it into a super-hybrid “Modern Family” destroyer: a group of tech nerds with more relevant smarts than the “Big Bang” boys and on the verge of more money than even Ari Gold himself could imagine.

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If the first two episodes are any indication, “Silicon Valley” is just a mouse-click away from breaking-up the “Family,” and here’s why:

1. It’s the best new comedy … in five years!
Yes. You read that correctly. “Silicon Valley” is the best “true” laugh-out-loud comedy to come around since … “Modern Family”! Smartly written, a strong ensemble, and set in a trendy hot-spot (Silicon Valley), “Modern Family” has finally met its match.

2. “Modern Family” is not unstoppable.
Four Emmys in a row for “Modern Family” actually makes sense. Why? Simple. The competition has not been fierce. It’s gone up against what? “Girls” and “Louie.” Pssh. This year it’s finally going to meet its match with an “Entourage”/”Big Bang Theory” hybrid type show that Emmy voters have been waiting for.

3. HBO is due. 
HBO set the standard for cable and even non-cable networks with shows like “The Sopranos,” “Sex & the City,” “The Wire” and “Veep.” It’s only comedy series win was all the way back in 2001 for “Sex & the City.” That’s a 13-year drought and it’s about to come to an end.

5 reasons why ‘Silicon Valley’ WON’T win Best Comedy Series at Emmys

4. It’s smart, hip, now, and Emmy-voter tailored.
“Silicon Valley” is what every person in the entertainment world dreams of: making millions off of your creation. And in a time when the industry has seen things turn digital almost overnight, voters are well aware of the happenings in the town up North (especially since all of their Teslas were born there). This means voters can relate, won’t feel lost as to what is going on in the show, and will love following these guys with a dream – which is what everyone’s chased.

5. Critical reception.
Say what you want about the importance of critic reviews, but the reception for “Silicon Valley” from some of the town’s most respected critics has been phenomenal. The show currently sits at an 87 score at Metacritic tied with “Modern Family.” Rave reviews from: USA Today, Newsday, The Hollywood Reporter, and Entertainment Weekly only add to the buzz  for the show. HBO’s aggressive marketing team can plaster these all over Hollywood and its own valley, where magic is made much like in “Silicon.”

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