5 reasons why ‘Silicon Valley’ won’t win Best Comedy Series at Emmys

While Ralph Galvan makes a compelling case as to why “Silicon Valley” will win Comedy Series at the Emmys, he overlooks the following five points which argue against this freshman laffer from taking the top prize:

1. HBO is not overdue
The network has been around for decades and they’ve only won Best Comedy Series one time for “Sex and the City” in 2001. It’s beginning to feel more and more like that win was a fluke and not something we should continue to expect from a network mostly known for its dramas.

2. TJ Miller is the next Jeremy Piven
The good news for TJ Miller? He absolutely steals the first two episodes from the rest of his (worthy) cast mates. He could even win an Emmy or two for Best Comedy Supporting Actor. The bad news for TJ Miller? “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven won three Emmys in that same category and his show still couldn’t win the coveted Best Comedy Series prize. In other words, even if a show has a breakout star, it doesn’t mean the star will make it a breakout show.

3. “Modern Family” is unstoppable
Modern Family” continues to see its ratings flourish in its fifth season and manages to attract audience members of all ages, sexes and income brackets. The fact that it’s already won four Emmys in a row should be nail-biting news for every new comedy series including “Silicon Valley.” There’s no room on the Emmy lineup anymore for shows that are just reallygood… you have to be GREAT to have a shot.

5 reasons why ‘Silicon Valley’ WILL win Best Comedy Series at the Emmys

4. The age of Emmy voters
The biggest problem “Silicon Valley” faces is that it’s a niche drama that won’t attract a broad audience. It’ll probably do amazing amongst young males between the ages of 18 and 49, but will any older people watch the show? Don’t forget, the average age of a typical Emmy voter is over 65.

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5. Eight episodes… yawn
When it comes to comedy series, Emmy voters like their winners to be around for a long, long time. Almost all of the past winners have aired close to 20 episodes including HBO’s victory for “Sex and the City’s” third season which produced 18 episodes. Does the fact that “Silicon Valley” only has eight episodes in its first season make it too short to win?

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