Will Starz’s ‘The Missing’ be found by Emmys as Best Miniseries in 2015?

Last year, Starz broke into the Emmys’ miniseries game with their BBC co-production “The White Queen.” While they lost out to FX’s “Fargo,” next year they hope to replicate that Emmy magic with  “The Missing.”

Starring James Nesbitt (“The Hobbit”), Frances O’Connor (“Mr. Selfridge”) and French actor Tcheky Karyo, “The Missing” follows the story of a young English boy who’s abducted in Belgium in 2006 and the repercussions his kidnapping have on his parents and the investigators over the next eight years.

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Last night at the Director’s Guild of America theater in Hollywood, director Tom Shankland revealed that they filmed all of the 2014 scenes before they filmed the 2006 abduction/aftermath moments. That gave the cast and crew enough time to get to know each other before taking on the fateful moment involving the missing child in the very first episode.

For fans of non-linear storytelling, “The Missing” will be right up their alley as the timeline shifts from the 2006 kidnapping to the present-day 2014 story when a new clue to the child’s disappearance is discovered. Several hints about upcoming episodes are revealed within the first hour, but you must watch the complete series to fully understand all of the pay-offs.

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A Starz exec told Gold Derby after the screening of the pilot that if “The Missing” is a success, there may be a chance it could follow the “American Horror Story“/”True Detective” route and do a separate story every year with new cast members. But that’s a tale for another day.

The miniseries premieres on Starz on Nov. 15 and will last a total of eight episodes. Do you think “The Missing” and its cast could be contenders for the 2015 Emmys? Sound off in the comments section below.

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