‘Survivor: Cagayan’ poll: Which castaway do you HATE the most?

Do any of this season’s “Survivor” contestants make you want to reach through the TV and give ’em a hard slap?

If you could vote out any of the remaining 15 castaways for personal reasons — throwing strategy out the window — who would it be?

We’re only two episodes in, and “Survivor: Cagayan” already has its fair share of villains and annoying castaways you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with on a deserted island, including lying cop Tony Vlachos and rude hairstylist Lindsey Ogle from the Brawn Tribe, spoiled NFL cheerleader Morgan McLeod from the Beauty Tribe and rice-throwing nuclear engineer J’Tia Taylor from the Brains Tribe.

Give us your vote below for who you hate the most, then be sure to log your predictions in our weekly “Survivor” contest where you could win an unforgettable public webchat with Jeff Probst and a $100 Amazon gift card! (See last week’s score update here.)

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