‘Survivor: Cagayan’: And then there were six

While we were predicting Brains tribeswoman Tasha Fox as the most likely to be voted off with “Survivor: Cagayan” odds of 17/10, it was our second place contender, former Beauty Jefra Bland, who was ultimately sent packing as she was blindsided by her own alliance.

Once again, our very own power player, Editor Marcus Dixon continued his reign over the Gold Derby users leaderboard racking up an incredible 31170 points ahead of his arch nemesis pandemonium, who has scored 16724 points.

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TV Derby Leaderboard: ‘Survivor: Cagayan’

We’re now down to six players, in what is shaping up to be a pretty even contest between the power players and those stealthy dark horses. Let’s take another look at how each of the contestants are faaring as we near the ultimate final tribal council on May 21, where the winner will be announced.

Photo Gallery: ‘Survivor’ Winners (Seasons 1 – 27) 


Tony Vlachos (Brawn)
Status: This guy is, let’s face it, a master at this game. He has now uncovered three immunity idols, with two currently in his possession, and week after week, he engineers, or at least has a hand in, who is voted off. Let’s not forget that he has the “special powers” idol in his grasp, allowing him to play it after the votes are read out. I can’t imagine he’ll be leaving any time soon. He’s way too smart for that. His only real weakness is that the huge target on his back is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

GoldDerby odds: 9/2 (third place)

Trish Hegarty (Brawn)
Status: Hegarty is starting to lose some of her spark. She wasn’t in the loop on the big power move that saw Bland ousted from the game, and during the reward challenge, she was more interested in filling her belly rather than winning an advantage or clue that would help her get further in the game. She needs to start being more strategic, or she’s not going to be around much longer.
GoldDerby odds: 25/1

Kass McQuillen (Brains)
Status: I think I’m almost ready to relegate McQuillen to the dark horse group. What has she done for me lately to justify her lofty position as a so-called “power player”? Not much. If the previews for next week are any indication though, it looks like McQuillen might finally wake up from her coma and get back into the game. Your move, Kass!
GoldDerby odds: 22/1

Photo Gallery: “Survivor: Cagayan” Cast


Spencer Bledsoe (Brains)
Status: Last week, Bledsoe played (and wasted) his immunity idol. This week he spent $500 for an “advantage” in the game, but in a contest against Vlachos to draw rocks, he drew the wrong one and lost again. But Bledsoe is a former Brain, remember! He certainly proved that by so cleverly sowing the seeds of doubt and paranoia in self-imposed tribe chief Vlachos that he helped engineer the blindside that saved him in the game for another week. Bledsoe is underrated. If he keeps ducking and diving as punches are thrown at him, he might just get to that elusive final tribal council. I’m certainly rooting for him, as he has become the ultimate “Survivor” underdog.
GoldDerby odds: 6/5 (best odds)

Tasha Fox (Brains)
Status: Is this girl for real? Seriously, unassuming former Brains tribeswoman Fox has won three immunity challenges in a row! That is impressive, and has single handedly kept her in this game. There’s no reason why she can’t keep going, and if she gets far enough, watch out everybody, wily and likeable Fox will wipe the floor with her tribemates and take the prize.
GoldDerby odds: 5/1

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Woo Hwang (Brawn)
Status: Woo is now at the bottom of my list. He doesn’t win challenges and doesn’t capitalise on his physical strength. He doesn’t make strategic moves, but instead he follows Vlachos around and does what he’s told. He’s almost flying under the radar at this point. He’s still a generally easy-going guy, and socially, he’s playing a very smart game by not ruffling feathers. But too many times in this game, nice guys become voted-off guys.
GoldDerby odds: 10/3 (second place)

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